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Bernie Sanders looks like serious Democratic contender after Iowa

He is an unlikely presidential contender: a 74-year-old Democratic socialist, not particularly warm and fuzzy, with no big money behind him. But that's the appeal of Bernie Sanders who slams the control and excess of Wall St. Can he sustain it? And what will it do to Hillary Clinton?
Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders during his caucus night event, Feb. 1, 2016 in Des Moines, Iowa. Sanders was in a virtual tie with secretary of state Hillary Clinton late in caucus polling. (Joshua Lott/Getty Images)

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I think the people of Iowa have sent a very profound message to the political establishment, to the economic establishment and by the way to the media establishment. That is given the enormous crises facing our country, it is just too late for establishment politics and establishment economics.- Bernie Sanders at Iowa caucuses 

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders came within a whisker of upsetting Hillary Clinton in the Iowa caucuses, Feb. 1.

As a former first lady and secretary of state, Hillary Clinton was supposed to have had a lock on the Democratic presidential nomination. Instead, she took Iowa with the slimmest of margins in caucus history — just 0.2 per cent, meaning that the battle is far from over, and that the Sanders insurgency is very real.

Can the 74-year-old political underdog keep rising?

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