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The Trump Card: Can the Donald really become president?

As Donald Trump prepares for Nevada caucuses, the headlines have his two closest rivals squabbling over dirty tricks. This is a new chapter in Republican politics, but can it propel Donald Trump all the way to the White House?
It's not outside the realm of possibility that Donald Trump could win the presidency. Experts say there are actually several possible scenarios in which he could become the next president. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

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There's a growing — if sometimes incredulous — sense that Donald Trump is on a roll that just may lead him to the White House. 

We will have so much winning if I get elected that you may get bored with winning. Believe me. I agree you'll never get bored with winning. We never get bored.- Donald Trump addressing a rally in Washington, Sept. 2015

After wins in the South Carolina and New Hampshire primaries, polls for Nevada caucuses have him once again firmly in the lead.

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump has the highest disapproval ratings of all GOP candidates (about 60 percent of all Americans have an unfavorable opinion of him). (Tami Chappell/Reuters)

The snickering has pretty much stopped, as pundits and the Republican establishment try to come grips with the idea of Donald Trump leading the GOP into the next U.S. election.

But how likely is it that Donald Trump could win the presidency?

Guests in this segment:

  • Steven Strauss, John L Weinberg and Goldman Sachs and Company visiting professor at Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School
  • Shayla Nunnally, professor of political science and Africana studies at the University of Connecticut.
  • Sasha Issenberg, contributor to Bloomberg Politics and author of The Victory Lab: The Secret Science of Winning Campaigns.

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This segment was produced by The Current's Ines Colabrese, Willow Smith and Karin Marley.

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