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Facing Race: The Current's town hall event in Halifax

The Current explores issues of race facing all Canadians today, from environmental racism, to gentrification of traditionally black communities, to how the #MeToo moment is excluding black women and the violence they live under.

The Current is embarking on a three-city tour, travelling across the country to confront the pressing issues of race that face all Canadians today.

The first of these events took place in Halifax on Friday Feb. 16, 2018, against the backdrop of the rich and complicated history of the province's African-Canadian communities.

Nova Scotia's black communities can trace their roots to the 1700s, when Africans victimized by the slave trade were brought there in chains.

Though black communities grew and thrived, they also suffered. Today their descendants can still point to the consequences of those early days, in the political and social reality in which they now live.​

In this special episode of The Current:

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