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The Harry Potter generation can't let go of 'The Boy Who Lived'

"You're a wizard, Harry." And just like that, a new generation of readers was hooked. But who knew he would follow them into adulthood? Today we share how the magic of Harry Potter inspired fans to discover themselves.

Meet the Harry Potter generation

6 years ago
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Meet the Harry Potter generation

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How could a book shape so many people?

To find out, producer Shannon Higgins invited Harry Potter fans to attend a special event, an Honourary Hogwarts Cup.

The tournament begins with the delivery of a Hogwarts letter. (Liam Maloney/CBC)

The tournament begins with the delivery of a Hogwarts letter. 

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizadry letter

Seven people agreed to compete in the tournament. Each was carefully selected because they feel a deep connection to a particular character from the books.

Where do we start? With Harry Potter himself.

Evan Hoyle is a devoted Harry Potter fan. (Liam Maloney/CBC)

Evan Hoyle's love for Harry Potter is clear if you visit his childhood bedroom. Here's just a peek of his collection.

Evan Hoyle is a life-long Harry Potter fan. This is just part of his impressive collection. (Courtesy of Evan Hoyle)

After meeting Harry, it's time for the next set of instructions.

In the books, in order to save the world, Harry and his friends must find and destroy evil objects. Today, our champions must do the same.

Instructions for the next are delivered by owl. (Liam Maloney/CBC)

Dear Champions,

The Horcrux Hunt Letter

Darcei Giles, representing Ginny Weasley, found the locket during the horcrux hunt. (Liam Maloney/CBC)

All the horcrux have been found. And not a moment too soon.

The next owl just arrived.

The next task is delivered via owl. (Liam Maloney/CBC)

Riddle of the Sphinx Letter

Back in the dungeons... the most clever witch to ever attend Hogwarts takes on a riddle.

Melanie Gaudet, the documentary's Hermione Granger, reads out a riddle. (Liam Maloney/CBC)

The champions must decipher fan-made riddles. Can you solve the riddles? (Discover the answers by listening to the documentary!)

The fourth letter holds the final instructions. (Liam Maloney/CBC)

Wizard's Duel Letter

Darcei Giles casts a spell against her opponent during the duel. (Liam Maloney/CBC)
Evan Hoyle duels Alessandra Di Simone, who represents Luna Lovegood in the tournament. (Liam Maloney/CBC)

And with that the Honourary Hogwarts Cup comes to an end. All that's left is to toast J.K. Rowling.

The group toasts J.K. Rowling with pumpkin juice. (Liam Maloney/CBC)

Are you part of the Harry Potter generation? Did the books change your life too? 

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The documentary All was well: The lasting magic of Harry Potter was produced by The Current's Shannon Higgins and the documentary editor was Steve Wadhams.

* FYI: New Harry Potter book to be published this summer