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Canadian detained in U.A.E. on trial as UN calls for his release

Marwa Alaradi just wants her dad back. Canadian businessman Salim Alaradi has been jailed in the United Arab Emirates for 18 months. Now there's hope his daughter may get her wish, as his defence lawyer managed a few gains this week.
The Alaradi family was on vacation in Dubai, Aug. 2014. Salim Alaradi has been detained in the United Arab Emirates ever since. (Facebook)

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Libyan-Canadian businessman Salim Alaradi's court day that was scheduled for Feb. 15, 2016 has been delayed until Feb. 29 after some promising developments. 

The Canadian citizen is facing terrorism-related charges and has been detained for the past 18 months in the United Arab Emirates. 

After allegations that Alaradi and his three co-defendants were tortured during their interrogations, several UN officials have called for their immediate release.

"My father is a Canadian citizen.He is a good man.A good father. He deserves to come back home.- Marwa Alaradi, daughter of Salim Alaradi

Local defence lawyers have requested a medical examination of Alaradi and the other defendants to see if they were tortured. And the State Security judge has approved.

Salim Alaradi's Canadian lawyer Paul Champ thinks the international attention of his client's case could result in Alaradi's release.

This segment was produced by The Current's John Chipman and Sarah Grant.