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Bernie Sanders's socialist revolution is a sham, says author Chris Hedges

Bernie Sanders's bid for the Democratic presidential nomination is peppered with the unapologetic declaration that he is a socialist. It is creating real debate inside the party, generating gratitude among long-time socialists and incredulity among others.
Could a President Sanders really deliver on his socialist ideals? ( Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

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The 2016 road to the White House has been filled with plenty of twists and turns.  Just a year ago, it would have been hard to believe that an avowed socialist could be giving Hillary Clinton a run for her money for the Democratic ticket. But that's just what Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is doing. 

As much as candidates and pundits on the right take glee in describing Sanders as a socialist, he's publicly admitted to wearing the moniker.

"You wanna call me a democratic socialist because I believe that healthcare is a right? Fine, call me a socialist. I accept it."-  Bernie Sanders on a radio call-in show last year

After strong showings in Iowa and New Hampshire, all eyes will be on Sanders as the Nevada Primary takes place this weekend. And as many observers are fond of pointing out, the Democratic party is often aligned with the very corporate entities Sanders says he'd like to overhaul.

But how much socialist credibility does Bernie Sanders really have? Could a President Sanders really bring socialism to the land from inside Washington? 

"We need to build a movement because the rise of these protofacist forces embodied in figures like Trump, is not only built on legitimate rage, despair, a sense of betrayal, but by a bankrupt liberalism."-  Chris Hedges, author of The Wages of Rebellion

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