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Secretary general Ban Ki-moon evaluates UN's failures and successes

The UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon joins Anna Maria Tremonti to discuss where the UN is succeeding in the world today, and where it's failing, touching on hot spots from Syria to North Korea. The UN chief is meeting the prime minister later today in Ottawa.

Ban Ki-moon on Canada's refugee policy

6 years ago
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UN secretary-general commends Justin Trudeau on his decision to accept 25,000 Syrian refugees 0:48

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Founded 70 years ago in the shadow of the second World War, the UN's mandate has been to promote peace and stability across the entire world. And, in many ways, it has succeeded. 

Rates of extreme poverty and child mortality have plummeted; more girls are educated than ever before; and another truly "world war" has been averted.  

Yet, peace and stability remain elusive, with conflict in Syria, global terrorism, and the existential threat of climate change looming. 

Going into its eighth decade, the UN has its work cut out for it.

I am very much excited by such a strong commitment [from] Prime Minister  Trudeau ... I would like to reinforce and strengthen such a partnership.- UN Secretary General, Ban  Ki-moon

Ban Ki-moon on Canada's role at UN

6 years ago
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UN secretary-general praises Canada's engagement with world body 0:56

Ban Ki-moon is entering his ninth year as secretary-general of the United Nations. He will meet Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Ottawa about Canada's role. 

Anna Maria Tremonti spoke with the UN chief Ban Ki-moon earlier this week in New York.

I believe that the UN should continue to improve their way of working, enhancing transparency, and also showing more solidarity ... then we can deliver much more.- UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon

This segment was produced by CBC's Melissa Kent in New York and The Current's Idella Sturino, Catherine Kalbfleisch.

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