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The Current for February 1, 2019

Today on The Current: We hear both sides of the debate on the gun registry in Quebec, where only 25 per cent of rifles and shotguns were added to the system by Tuesday's deadline; plus, have you just finished dry January? One author says keep going — until April; we speak to the second in command at Canada's central bank about the job market and wages that aren't rising as fast as they should; and we speak to a tattoo artist about what to do when getting inked goes very, very wrong.
Award-winning investigative reporter Connie Walker guest hosts The Current. (CBC)
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Today on The Current

  • The deadline for Quebecers to register their rifles and shotguns has passed, with only 25 per cent of the province's 1.6 million non-restricted firearms added to the system. We hear from both sides of the debate.
  • Author Ruby Warrington's new book Sober Curious starts with one question: would your life be better without alcohol? She tells guest host Connie Walker dry January is a good starting point to examine your relationship with alcohol, but you need more time to really address the deeper questions.
  • Statistics paint a rosy picture of Canada's job market, but that's not the case in some parts of the country, and wages aren't going up the way economists expect they should in a tight labour market. We speak to Carolyn Wilkins, the senior deputy governor of the Bank of Canada, about what's being done to solve the puzzle.
  • Ariana Grande had social media snickering this week when she had the name of her new single — 7 Rings — tattooed on her hand in Japanese. Unfortunately, something got lost in translation, because the tattoo actually says "small charcoal grill." We speak to a tattoo artist about what to do when getting inked goes very wrong.