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Muslim Mom encourages her community to support Ontario's Sex-Ed law

As part of our Checking-In segment we speak with a Muslim Mom from Milton, Ontario who's trying to help people in her community get comfortable with Ontario's new sex ed curriculum.
Our guest Hina Mirza believes Muslims should welcome Ontario's new Sex-Ed law. She feels the law sets the groundwork for discussions that need to be happening in Muslim homes. (

Last Friday in Mississauga, Ontario about 1,000 Muslims took part in a forum where many expressed their concerns about the new curriculum. Hina Mirza is a Muslim mom who wants to help parents understand the law. She joined us to share her thoughts on the new Sex-Ed curriculum. Although she doesn't agree with all of it, she says it's a worthy law to stand behind.

Hina Mirza is a writer and editor with Lanterns, an online publication for the Islamic Society of North America, Canada. She joined us from Milton, Ontario.

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This segment was produced by The Current's Ines Colabrese.