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Checking-In on hacking medical devices, sex-ed and sexting

Our discussion with Marc Goodman on hackers accessing hearts online through implanted pacemakers set more than a few hearts beating faster. We Check-In on your thoughts as we follow up on the challenges of sex ed, the perils of sexting and the prospect of hacking pacemakers.
According to "Technocreep" author Tom Keenan, smart up-and-coming tech-savvy youth could prevent cybercriminals from hacking pacemakers. (ECG Rhythms, Flickr cc)

Our Friday host Piya Chattopadhyay joined Anna Maria in studio to go through our listener feedback on stories we've been tracking.

We dedicate this Thursday segment to your thoughts, from Sex-Ed law to teens sexting and being charged with child pornography distribution.

Also in this segment, we speak with "Technocreep" author Tom Keenan critiques the features installed in medical devices to prevent hacking and we also hear from a Muslim Mom who's trying to help people in her community get comfortable with Ontario's new sex ed curriculum. 

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This segment was produced by Pacinthe Mattar, Ines Colabrese and Howard Goldenthal. 

Julia Sweeney on the Birds & the Bees

Here's one more thought on sex-ed. Former Saturday Night Live comedian, Julia Sweeney related this story of stumbling rather accidentally into "the talk" with her 8-year-old daughter. It's from the Minnesota Public Radio program, "Wits."