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23 year-old Canadian woman joins ISIS in Syria

She left without telling her family, calling only when she arrived in Syria. It was an online religious course that led a moderate Muslim Canadian woman, 23 years old, towards a female ISIS recruiter operating in western Canada. Natalie Clancy brings us the story of a young woman lost to ISIS.
The sister of a young woman who travelled to Syria says her family was completely surprised to learn she had actually left. (CBC News )

"She just got up one morning and said she was going to the store. We all went to work, came home, all her stuff was gone. She had packed all her winter clothes, took her computer and left."

Imagine coming home one day and your daughter or your sister — a woman you thought you knew — was just gone.

Then, imagine the shock of finding out she has run away to Syria to join ISIS. We've heard a lot about young Canadian men who have become radicalized and left Canada to fight overseas. But we are slowly starting to hear about woman and girls too.

Kadiza Sultana,16, left, Shamima Begum,15, centre and and 15-year-old Amira Abase left the country in a suspected bid to travel to Syria to join the ISIS extremist group. (Metropolitan Police/The Associated Press)

Last week, three British school girls flew together to Istanbul and are believed to be in Syria with ISIS. The woman we just heard about is also there ... in Syria and under the control of ISIS.

We're not naming her or her family because of concerns for her safety.

CBC investigative reporter Natalie Clancy has been working on this story for months and she joined Anna Maria in studio to tell us more about this story.

There's another Canadian woman who is believed to have joined ISIS — a woman known as L.A., whose cell phone was tracked to ISIS-controlled territory in Iraq and Syria. Some observers believe there are likely more Canadian recruits there now.

Jeff Weyers is a Senior Analyst with iBRABO, an open source intelligence research group that tracks western recruits thought to be working with ISIS. He was in Waterloo, Ontario.

Tonight on The National on CBC TV, the CBC's Adrienne Arsenault delves deeper into the bizarre trail of the mysterious female ISIS recruit known as L.A. 

This segment was produced by The Current's Kristin Nelson.