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#Trumpsterfire and a dog's Brexit: Canadian satirists take on the year that was

Comedians hash out the 2018 moments that made them laugh.

A panel of comedians discuss 2018's high highs, low lows, and biggest losers

Trump, Teresa May's terrible fortunes, and a murderous otter all made the list of notable 2018 news stories for The Current's satirical news panellists. (Vancouver Park Board)

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2018 was a year of laughter and tears, endless weed puns and a plucky, homicidal B.C. otter that would not stop eating precious koi fish.

On The Current's annual satirical panel, three comedians came together to hash out the moments of 2018 that made them laugh (to keep them from crying.)

First, panellists crowned this year's winners. For Walking Eagle News editor Tim Fontaine, the victors are obvious. 

"Old white men who invested in pot," he told guest host Michelle Shephard.

"I say it with envy," said Fontaine. "I would love to be in that boat!"

The year that launched 1000 stock images of people smoking joints. (CBC)

Then there are the political losers, with none losing harder than British Prime Minister Teresa May, according to comedian and writer Terry Fallis.   

"I don't know how she'll negotiate this deal in a way that will make anybody happy," said Fallis. "It's just a mess. A dog's Brexit. I had the highlighted in my notes. Sorry."

Comedian Amanda Barker needed no more than to reference a hashtag when it came time to discuss the most over-reported story of the year: "#Trumpsterfire"

"Last year I did the math and [Donald Trump] tweeted an average of seven times a year. This year that number has crept to eight." she said.   

All three panelists agree that U.S. President Donald Trump is the story that took up the most air this year. (CBC News )

Beyond the drama south of the border, warnings of imminent climate change doom from the United Nations, and botched comebacks from #MeToo, the year did bring some silver linings for The Current's panellists.

Canadian civil rights hero Viola Desmond appeared on the ten dollar bill, Indigenous writers and artists gained more recognition, and a young Thai soccer team was rescued from a flooded cave.

"Apparently they're making a movie out of it, and Scarlett Johansson is going to play of all of them," said Barker.  

To get a satirical look at the year's news stories, The Current spoke with:

  • Tim Fontaine, founder, editor-in-grand-chief, and head writer of Walking Eagle News
  • Terry Fallis, comedian and author
  • Amanda Barker, comedian and comedy writer

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