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From Trump to Trudeau: A look back on stories of 2015 (and some we missed)

Today, we're looking back on the year that was - with the wits of Terry Fallis and Amanda Barker. From the big newsmakers - like the new prime minister, and the wannabe president Donald Trump. To big moments in sports... and everything in between.
So what's the biggest stories we missed? According to comedian Amanda Barker it's Nutella but satirist Terry Fallis says space advances.
Last June, when Donald Trump launched his bid for the White House, few could have imagined just what was to follow... or that he would be the leading Republican candidate in so many polls today.

It's just one of the surprises 2015 held in store.

Like the rude awakening that thousands of people got who trusted their information with the infidelity match-making website Ashley Madison.

A​nd who could forget Jose Bautista's epic homerun – and the now-legendary bat-flip that followed – capped a remarkable 2015 run by the Toronto Blue Jays.  

The #Bautistabatflip will go down in the history books even if it isn't "officially" a Canadian Heritage Moment. (via

Well today, we're looking back on all that and more: the funny, sad, and crazy year that was 2015.

  • Terry Fallis is one of this country's best known satirists. He is a two-time winner of the Stephen Leacock memorial award for Humour. His latest book is called "Poles Apart."  
  • Amanda Barker is a comedian and actor. Both joined Connie Walker in our Toronto studio.

This segment was produced by The Current's Howard Goldenthal.