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Quebec doctors debate how to implement assisted dying laws

The expectation was that starting in December, terminally ill adults in Quebec have the right to a doctor-assisted death. But yesterday's ruling by a justice of the Quebec Superior Court put the province's new doctor-assisted-death legislation on hold. We look at the implications.
In Quebec, doctors are worried what will happen when the province's new assisted dying legislation is put into law. (Mike Symington/CBC)

Quebec's medically assisted dying law was set to go into effect on December 10th... but a court ruled this week that it goes against Canada's Criminal Code. 

The Quebec government is appealing that decision, arguing that health care is under provincial jurisdiction. 

The law is delayed for now.

But the medical community in Quebec has been grappling with how to implement it. 

That's the focus of the CBC Radio Program "White Coat, Black Art" this week. 

Dr. Brian Goldman is the host of the show and he joined Anna Maria in our Toronto studio. 

This segment was produced by The Current's Josh Flear.