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The Current for December 18, 2017

From research showing toys are more gendered now more than ever, to a look back at The Beaverton's untrue stories of Canadian history, to a scientific study that claims dogs are smarter than cats ... This is The Current.

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Part One: Gendered Toys

Researchers say the gender divide in toys is only getting wider, and those doing the tracking blame it on advertisers and marketers who long ago abandoned gender-neutral ads and toys.

Part Two: The Beaverton's Fake Canadian history 

Co-authors Luke Field and Alex Huntley have a different take on Canadian history and share their rollicking retrospective in their book, The Beaverton Presents: Glorious and/or Free: The True History of Canada.

Part Three: Cat vs. Dog

A scientific study claims to solve once and for all whether cats are smarter than dogs. The results could have tails wagging everywhere. 

Part Three: MAiD Response

Last week The Current aired the story of Will Pegg. The 58-year-old is living with terminal cancer and is preparing for a medically assisted death. Producer Kristin Nelson joins Anna Maria Tremonti to read some of the response we received.