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The Current for Dec. 15, 2021

Today on The Current: Why inflation is on the rise and how some Canadians are adapting their shopping habits to it; an Afghan lawyer and new refugee on his frustrations with Canada's resettlement plan; and understanding peat and its role in fighting climate change
Matt Galloway is the host of CBC Radio's The Current. (CBC)

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Today on The Current

Canada's inflation rate hit an 18-year high of 4.7 per cent in October. As a result, the prices of everyday products are on the rise. Armine Yalnizyan, Atkinson Fellow on the Future of Workers and a columnist at the Toronto Star, explains why inflation is on the rise, and some Canadians highlight how their shopping habits have changed as a result.

Then, the Canadian government promised to give asylum to 40,000 Afghan refugees after the Taliban took over. But as 2021 comes to an end, only about one tenth of that number have set foot on Canadian soil. We speak to Saeeq Shajjan, an Afghan lawyer and recent refugee to Canada, about the work his law firm has done with the Canadian government in Afghanistan; and Carla Potter, a lawyer at Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP, who's leading the team advocating for Shajjan's employees.

And science and environment writer Edward Struzik tackles the world of peatlands in his new book, Swamplands: Tundra Beavers, Quaking Bogs and the Improbable World of Peat. He talks about how humans have misunderstood peatlands for decades and why we're paying the price for it now.

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