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The Current for August 29, 2019

Today on The Current: One writer tells us why the wildly popular Popeyes chicken sandwich doesn't need to be a referendum on black culture; and we listen to episode four of The Band Played On, a CBC podcast about a shocking story of sexual abuse at an Ottawa high school.
Matt Galloway is this week's guest host of The Current.

Today on The Current

  • A new Popeyes chicken sandwich became a viral sensation, with customers lining up for hours, some violence when the chicken ran out, and a lot of harassed and overworked Popeyes staff. But the online discussion quickly became a vehicle to shame blame people, says one writer. He's arguing that instead of a referendum on black culture, maybe a sandwich can just be a sandwich.
  • Over the summer, we've been listening to some of CBC's best podcasts. Today, we're airing the next episode of The Band Played On, based on an award-winning investigation by the CBC's Julie Ireton. The podcast looks at a shocking story of sexual abuse at an Ottawa high school, sharing the stories of victims and asking why warnings were ignored — even when those red flags came from students, parents and teachers. 

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