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The Current for August 28, 2019

Today on The Current: We're looking at the opioid crisis and the role that doctors played in how it unfolded; plus, we listen to episode three of The Band Played On, a CBC podcast about a shocking story of sexual abuse at an Ottawa high school.
Matt Galloway is this week's guest host of The Current.

Today on The Current:

  • What role did doctors play in the opioid crisis, and what responsibility do they bear? We talk to two physicians about how the crisis, and how to move forward in helping those whose lives are caught up in it.
  • Over the summer, we've been listening to some of CBC's best podcasts. Today, we're airing the third episode of The Band Played On, based on an award-winning investigation by the CBC's Julie Ireton. The podcast looks at a shocking story of sexual abuse at an Ottawa high school, sharing the stories of victims and asking why warnings were ignored — even when those red flags came from students, parents and teachers. 

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