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The Current for August 20, 2019

Today on The Current: Why some people, like Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, came out about their sexuality later in life; a microbiologist's frustration that a life-saving Ebola vaccine could have saved more lives if funding and support came years earlier; and we continue our CBC Podcasts series with Episode 7 of Finding Cleo.
Matt Galloway is this week's guest host of The Current.

Today on The Current:

  • Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson spoke openly about his sexuality for the first time in a column in the Ottawa Citizen. Coming out of the closet is an intensely personal decision no matter what the age. We speak to two people who, like Watson, came out later in life.
  • Microbiologist Steven Jones, who helped develop the Ebola vaccine currently being used to save lives in Congo, is frustrated because he believes it could have been used to save more lives if governments and pharmaceutical companies committed to its funding and support years earlier.
  • All summer, we're bringing you the best in CBC podcasts. Today in Episode 7 of Finding Cleo, host Connie Walker learns all she can about Cleo's mother Lillian.

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