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The Current for Aug. 7, 2020

Today on The Current: The Beirut explosion, André Picard on COVID-19 and episode five of Unlocking Bryson's Brain
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Today on The Current

After Tuesday's devastating explosion destroyed once of Beirut's major hospitals, doctors were forced to treat the wounded in the parking lot. Now, neurologist Sarah Haddad says they're going back to clean up.

André Picard discusses the latest on COVID-19, from the impact on dementia sufferers, to the promise of a vaccine and plans for schooling this fall.

And all summer long The Current is airing some of the most critically-acclaimed CBC podcasts. We continue today with episode five of Unlocking Bryson's Brain, about a family's journey to understand their son's rare condition, and the search for the miracle key that might mean a cure. Click here to find out more about each podcast.