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The Current for Aug. 31, 2021

Today on The Current: Family thankful to be out of Afghanistan as resettlement continues; former residential school now a place to teach and celebrate Siksika culture; and episode 5 of CBC podcast Recall: How to Start a Revolution.
Anthony Germain is this week's guest host of The Current. (CBC)

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Today on The Current

Canada made its last government flight out of Kabul last week, and Mohammed Ehsan Saadat and his family are happy to be out. Officials said on Friday that Canada has evacuated approximately 3,700 people, including 2,000 Afghans. Guest host Anthony Germain spoke with Mohammed Ehsan Saadat. He and his family finished a two-week quarantine in Toronto last week after leaving Afghanistan. He's a policy researcher, and worked with Canadian-funded NGOs in Kabul. 

Plus, when the Old Sun Indian Residential School closed in 1969, the Siksika First Nation repurposed the building as Old Sun Community College, a place to teach and celebrate their culture and traditional knowledge. We speak to Vivian Ayoungman, who was forced to attend the residential school in the 1950s, but now teaches in the same building. 

And this summer we're bringing you a few of the best original CBC podcasts. Today it's Episode 5 of Recall: How to Start a Revolution, featuring the story of revolt and political violence in Quebec during the 1960s.