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The Current for Aug. 26, 2020

Today on The Current: Will putting kids in private ‘learning pods’ hurt public education in the long run?, COVID-19 complicating fight to contain California wildfires, Finale of CBC podcast Uncover: Dead Wrong
Catherine Cullen hosts Wednesday's edition of The Current. (CBC)

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Today on The Current

With September looming, some parents are setting up "learning pods," with private teachers and small groups, as an alternative to going back to class. We talk to two parents taking this approach, and discuss concerns that pods leave kids who can't afford them behind, and could hurt public education in the long run.

Then, we look to the wildfires raging in California. They're earlier than expected this year, and closer to residential areas, says pyrogeographer and former wild-land firefighter Crystal Kolden — and climate change and COVID-19 are causing big problems in the fight to contain them.

And all summer long The Current is airing some of the most critically-acclaimed CBC podcasts. Today we're listening to the finale of Uncover: Dead Wrong, which tells the story of how Glen Assoun spent more than 17 years in prison for the murder of Brenda Way, a crime he did not commit. Click here to find out more about our summer series of podcasts.