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The Current for Aug. 23, 2022

Today on The Current: Does Canada’s liquefied natural gas offer a climate solution or more reliance on fossil fuels?; and Canadian workplaces see increased productivity in a four-day work week
Nora Young is this week's guest host of The Current. (Gilberto Prioste)

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Today on The Current:

Could Canada's liquefied natural gas (LNG) be a cleaner option in weaning the world away from coal or would increasing LNG production just increase our reliance on fossil fuels? Guest host Nora Young talks to Edward Greenspon, CEO of an independent think tank called the Public Policy Forum; and Nichole Dusyk, a senior policy advisor for the International Institute for Sustainable Development. 

And our Work in Progress series takes a look at workplaces experimenting with a four-day work week — and in some cases seeing an increase in productivity and revenue. We visit a Toronto workplace that made the switch; and we hear from Clémentine Van Effenterre, a labour economist and assistant professor at the University of Toronto.

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