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The Current for Aug. 13, 2020

Today on The Current: National affairs panel on Bill Morneau's political future, Jeffrey Toobin on scandals surrounding Trump administration, The link between hearing loss and cognitive decline
Duncan McCue hosts Thursday's edition of The Current.
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Today on The Current:

Our national affairs panellists weigh in on the speculation about Finance Minister Bill Morneau's political future, Bloc Québécois calls for a federal election, and the final days of the Conservative leadership race.

Plus, the arts have been hit hard by COVID-19. But at the end of July, the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity welcomed back their first artist, Canadian pianist Jan Lisiecki. He tells us about the importance of bringing music into people's lives — through virtual concerts — to ease the stress of the pandemic.

Then, scandal has surrounded the Trump administration since the very beginning — and CNN Chief Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin has looked at every angle of it in his new book, True Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Investigation of Donald Trump.

And in a conversation first aired in February, New Yorker writer David Owen says people need to pay more attention to their hearing, because it is easier than ever to cause hearing loss with everyday activities. And psychology professor Natalie Phillips discusses the link between hearing loss and cognitive decline.