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The Current for Aug. 11, 2020

Lebanon’s government resigns after Beirut explosion, Reaction to arrest of Jimmy Lai in Hong Kong, Collapse of Milne ice shelf on Canada's Ellesmere Island, Episode seven of CBC podcast Unlocking Bryson’s Brain
Duncan McCue hosts Tuesday's edition of The Current.
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Now that Lebanon's entire government has resigned in the wake of the Beirut explosion, what's next for a country already embroiled in an unprecedented economic crisis? We talk to Maha Yahya, director of the Carnegie Middle East Center, in Beirut. 

Then, freelance journalist Laurel Chor discusses how Hong Kong citizens and journalists are responding to the arrest of pro-democracy media mogul Jimmy Lai under China's new security law, and raids on the widely-read newspaper Apple Daily.

Plus, the Arctic has seen record-breaking heat this summer, and Canada's Ellesmere Island has lost two glaciers and its last intact ice sheet, the Milne ice shelf. To understand what's been lost, and what's at stake, we talk to Mark Serreze of the National Snow and Ice Data Center at the University of Colorado.

And all summer long The Current is airing some of the most critically-acclaimed CBC podcasts. We continue today with episode seven of Unlocking Bryson's Brain, about a family's journey to understand their son's rare condition, and the search for the miracle key that might mean a cure. Click here to find out more about each podcast.

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