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The Current for April 8, 2020

Today on The Current: Your money questions answered; Understanding pandemic data; Moral fatigue; Quarantine Book Club
Matt Galloway is the host of CBC Radio's The Current. (CBC)

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We look at the unprecedented collaborative efforts to find a treatment for COVID-19, including a Canadian clinical trial hoping blood plasma from the recovered can help those still sick, and a medical student volunteering to test a vaccine. 

Plus, are you worried about money amid the pandemic? Personal finance author Lesley-Anne Scorgie and Carleton University assistant professor Jennifer Robson answer your questions about the CERB, retirement savings, interest rates, what students can do, and more.

Then, our national affairs panellists Kathleen Petty, Mia Rabson and Jason Markusoff unpack Alberta's latest COVID-19 projections, the pandemic's impact on the oil patch, and the latest from Ottawa.

If travel restrictions remain in place, that might stop seasonal agricultural workers reaching Canada this summer — and cause problems for farmers, and perhaps the food supply. 

The pandemic has come with a massive amount of data, but how can you make sense of the numbers, and how do you know what to trust? Statistician and host of the Risky Talk podcast David Spiegelhalter joins us to discuss.

The weather's getting better, but a group of orthopedic surgeons is asking us to think twice before jumping on our bikes or rollerblades for some (physically distant) exercise. They say COVID-19 means a simple broken bone might not be so simple.

Exhausted by the pandemic? Philosopher Michael Baur says you might have moral fatigue, a result of everyday choices — like deciding when to go to a grocery store — becoming serious life decisions. 

And finally, we talk to the organizers of the Quarantine Book Club — a virtual solution for readers stuck at home (just don't forget to unmute yourself).