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NDP's fate up for debate, critics point to party's existential crisis

As the NDP heads into its convention, Tom Mulcair's leadership isn't the only big question in the room. Today we're asking about the NDP's relevance to the future of Canadian politics after a fall election left the country split largely along two party lines.
Does Canada need the NDP? The question is up for debate. (Ryan Remiorz/The Canadian Press)

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I think that in time, we will get back to a two party system, that it will be a two-party system which will have a party right of centre and one left of centre.-  NDP leader Tommy Douglas during the 1968 Leaders debate

Does Canada still need the NDP? 

After the NDP's sound defeat in the last general election, there will be those wondering if the tme has finally arrived when we no longer need a third party.

What could happen to Tom Mulcair with this weekend's vote?

6 years ago
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Will Mulcair still be the leader of the NDP on Monday? Here's what could happen at the convention.

It's an important question as the party faithful gathers in Edmonton. Delegates to the convention won't merely be weighing Tom Mulcair's future as the NDP's leader. There will also be much soul-searching about the NDP's purpose at a time when the Liberal party has usurped much of its progressive agenda. 

The Current convened a panel of political strategists from across the spectrum to discuss the NDP's relevance to the future of Canadian politics.

Guests in this segment:

Does Canada still need the NDP? Is Tom Mulcair the one to lead this party?

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This segment was produced by The Current's Howard Goldenthal, Sujata Berry and Paula Last.