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Family escapes to isolation in Yukon wilderness to reconnect

No road access. No running water. No electricity. Just Mom and Dad, three kids, two cats and a dog, deep in the Yukon wilderness. Suzanne Crocker’s family chose to disconnect for nine months, only to discover the best connection of all – family. *This segment originally aired April 28, 2015. *
"It really truly was the best year of our life as a family." Suzanne Crocker's take on her family's year in the wilderness.

"I always felt like there wasn't enough time for the things that really counted." - Suzanne Crocker

For nine months, filmmaker Suzanne Crocker, her husband Gerard Parsons, and their three children, made themselves at home in the isolated wilderness of Yukon. They arrived there in August of 2010, and settled in for the long winter together... along with their two cats, and their dog Max.

What they didn't have was road access; running water; electricity.... or even, a clock. Which could be why the documentary Suzanne Crocker made during that time is called, All the Time in the WorldThe film is being featured this week at Toronto's Hot Docs Festival.

Suzanne Crocker, her husband Gerard Parsons and their daughter Kate Crocker joined us in studio. 

Have you ever felt the need to disconnect, to get off the treadmill of your life and reconnect with your family?

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​This segment was produced by The Current's Kristin Nelson. It originally aired April 28, 2015. 

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