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Alberta Election Polls: NDP a threat to reigning PC government

If you trust the polls... there's a real horse race shaping up in Alberta. And if you don't trust the polls... then you may just be an Alberta politician. We take you on a wild ride in the wild rose country today.
A three-way race is shaping up between the PCs, Wildrose Party and NDP.... next week's vote has history-making potential. (Canadian Press)

"Hang on to your hat, it's going to be a very exciting time in this province." - Jim Prentice, start of campaign

For decades, Alberta politics has been about as predictable as the spring rain. And this year's spring election was supposed to be the same. But suddenly this season... politics in Alberta has become tumultuous: filled with floor-crossing M.P.s; emerging political saviours; and though it has been said before, signs that the province's Progressive Conservative dynasty could be coming to an end.

The conservatives have held power for 43 years... and yes, those are consecutive years! And, there's never been a minority government in the province, since joining confederation.

But with a three-way race shaping up among the PCs, Wildrose Party and NDP.... next week's vote has history-making potential. Albertans vote in their provincial election one week from today, May 5th.

In the last election there was spectacular proof that polls can sometimes get it wrong, Bruce Cameron is a political pollster and analyst, and the president of Return On Insight. He was in Victoria, 

We convened a panel of three astute political observers. They've all been watching every little swing of the #abelection as well as watching for signs of a large-scale political shift at play in the province.

This segment was produced by The Current's Sujata Berry and Calgary Network Producer Michael O'Halloran.