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Rob Cohen's 'Being Canadian' delves into our national identity

When comedy writer and ex-pat Canadian Rob Cohen decided to investigate the true nature of Canadian-ness, he ended up picking the brains of many Canadian comedy stars... including Mike Myers. Rob Cohen joins us to talk about his coast-to-coast journey in search of the elusive Canadian identity.
It's one of the great unsolved riddles of modern history. The question of what it means to be a Canadian. Filmmaker Rob Cohen with the right qualifications has decided to take it on in his documentary, "Being Canadian." (Being Canadian/

How could people around the world really have a consensus of what it means to be Canadian... if the question even eludes Canadians?

Well, comedy writer Rob Cohen set out to find some answers. The Canadian normally resides stateside, where he's written for such shows as The Simpsons and SNL... but he returned to the Great White North for this project.

And the final result is the documentary film, Being Canadian.

It premiers this weekend at Toronto's Hot Docs Festival and Rob Cohen joined us in Toronto.

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This segment was produced by The Current's Liz Hoath. 

Some pictures of Canadians featured in the film, Being Canadian