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Checking-In on milk, religious accommodation, almond shaming & more

We get to only some of the many letters we received from you after this week's milk debate when we look back at the week that was on The Current with our listener feedback segment, Checking-In.
Milk is recommended by the Canada Food Guide. But Tuesday on The Current, its place at the table was questioned by Alissa Hamilton, author of "Got Milked?: What You Don't Know About Dairy, The Truth About Calcium, and Why You'll Thrive Without Milk." (REUTERS/Lucas Jackson)

It's Thursday and that means it's time to check-in with our listeners. The Current's Executive Producer Jennifer Moroz joined Piya in studio to help get through your tweets, posts, and emails.

Today's segment includes:

The Milk Debate - Author of 'Got Milked?' argues to get rid of the dairy food group all together. 

Exhibit B - A controversial art installation involving black actors recreating colonial history spurs a debate

Retail liquor stores in Iqaluit - Last September we did a story on access to alcohol in Iqaluit, Nunavut. On  Monday, Iqaluit residents voted 'yes' to a proposed beer and wine store. Ultimately the final decision will be made by the Territory's cabinet.

The Ethics of Eating Almonds - Almond shaming is the latest way for those concerned about the extreme drought in California to point fingers at one of the largest consumers of water in that state.  Listen to our interview today.

Religious Accommodation - Aan ultra-Orthodox Jewish man refused to sit beside a woman on a flight ... and she refused to move. Many of you wrote to let us know what you would do. 

Canadian companies connected to Rana Plaza -  A new report released on Tuesday by the institutional shareholder advocacy group Share, reveals how Canadian companies have responded in the aftermath of the Rana factory disaster, to improve their corporate accountability. Listen to our interview here. 

As always we love to hear from our listeners. We go through all the feedback that comes to us. So get in touch.

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This segment was produced by The Current's Shannon Higgins.