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Finding room for non-traditional Haggadahs at the Passover table

Come sundown, Jewish children will be asking questions and adults will rely on the Haggadah for answers, on this first night of Passover. Now in these modern times, there are Hagaddahs with baseball, Black Live Matters and LGBT-themed variations.
Passover Haggadahs are keeping up with the times, reflecting the politics and social issues that are important to people sharing a Seder meal. (paurian/flickr cc)

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Tonight marks the first night of Passover, and all over the world, Jews will be sitting down to have seder meals and tell the story of the Exodus from Egypt. It's a story told in books called Haggadahs. And it is safe to say that tonight, not everyone will be on exactly the same page. 

There is more and more variation in Haggadahs today with different texts reflecting numerous social and political causes — from the Black Lives Matter Haggadah, to the LGBT Haggadah, Humanist Haggadah, Communist Haggadah, even the Jewish dating service J-Date has a Haggadah for that special someone.

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