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The Current for April 20, 2020

Today on The Current: Nova Scotia shootings; Surviving COVID-19; Moving back in with Mom; Countries easing COVID-19 restrictions; Author Jenny Offill
Matt Galloway is the host of CBC Radio's The Current. (CBC)

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Today on The Current

The weekend's shooting rampage in Nova Scotia is one of the deadliest attacks of its kind in Canadian history. We ask how it unfolded, and talk to Colchester County Mayor Christine Blair about the shockwaves rippling through her community. 

Then, we talk to Richard Reid who contracted COVID-19 and had to be intubated in the ICU. He and his wife, Lori De Luca Reid, tell us their story of surviving the virus.

Plus, we asked for your lingering questions about COVID-19. One of the country's leading voices on infectious disease outbreaks, Dr. Allison McGeer, is here to answer them.

And as COVID-19 lockdowns took hold, Dale Edwards faced not being able to see her mother in an elder care home — so she moved in. She tells us what it's been to live with her mom in the Vancouver seniors' home during the crisis.

We talk to an Alberta farmer who says while he's glad orphan oil wells will be cleaned up, the duty should fall on companies, not taxpayers. 

Then, we check in with people in Spain, Austria and South Korea, where COVID-19 restrictions are starting to ease.

Plus, author of Weather, Jenny Offill, tells Matt Galloway what the pandemic might teach us about climate change, and taking care of each other.