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Immigration consultant fees to help Syrian refugees come to Canada unethical, say critics

There is nothing stopping immigration consultants from charging a fee to Syrians who want to come to Canada. But those who offer their consulting and legal services for free question the ethics. The CBC's Laura Lynch brings us this story.

Some immigration consultants violating refugee sponsorship rules

6 years ago
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Syrian refugees in Gulf states being asked to pay settlement funds that are supposed to be paid by private sponsors

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The Syrian refugee crisis has, for the most part, brought out the best in many Canadians.

The federal government has spent tens of millions of dollars, flying thousands of Syrian refugees from camps in the Middle East, and helping them start new lives in Canada.

Ahmad Zeina swings with his siblings Mohammad and Noor at the Syrian refugees' new family home in Queensland, N.S., April 16, 2016. (Darren Calabrese/Canadian Press)

And Canadians from all walks of life have opened their wallets, and even their homes, to sponsor refugee families.

But as CBC correspondent Laura Lynch discovered the crisis has also been an opportunity for some to profit from refugees desperate to come to Canada. She's been investigating practices that critics say range from being unethical to violating federal rules.   

The CBC's Laura Lynch brings us this story. 

This segment was produced by The Current's Lara O'Brien.