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'Creep Catcher' vigilantes confront alleged pedophiles, say police not doing enough

They are called Creep Catchers. And, across the country, they're taking the law into their own hands by posing online as minors to lure in would-be sexual predators. They say police aren't doing enough to expose people who abuse children.
Self-proclaimed Calgary 'creep catcher' Dawson Raymond uses this image on his website, which is devoted to social-media shaming of alleged "creeps" he meets by posing as a young girl online. (Dawson Raymond/Facebook)

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Creep Catcher Canada is a loosely organized group of individuals whose aim is to catch would-be sexual predators in the act of meeting their prey. The so-called "Creep Catchers" go online where they try to lure people "on the prowl" for sex with under-age girls. The end result involves members of the vigilante group posting a video of a public confrontation on social media to publicly shame the men and to frighten off others who might consider doing the same.

Creep Catcher Canada launched in Calgary in 2015 and has since opened eight chapters across the country from Victoria B.C., to Saint John, New Brunswick. They've won praise from some communities but sparked concerns in others — including police who criticize the vigilante approach. 

Guests in this segment:

  • Brent Secondiak, police inspector in Medicine Hat, Alberta.
  • Jim Gamble, former police officer and head of counter terrorism in Northern Ireland. He is currently the chief executive of Ineqe Group — a company that specializes in online child protection. 

This segment was produced by Calgary network producer Michael O'Halloran and Winnipeg network producer Suzanne Dufresne.