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The Current for April 16, 2019

Today on The Current: We discuss a loss felt around the world, after fire ravaged Notre-Dame in Paris; plus, Ontario Premier Doug Ford takes his fight over the so-called federal carbon tax to court; and why authorities are finally going public with the search for a New Zealand nurse kidnapped by ISIS five years ago.
Anna Maria Tremonti hosts The Current's 17th season. (CBC)
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Today on The Current:

  • The world watched in horror Monday as fire ravaged Notre-Dame in Paris, an international landmark that has withstood war and disaster for centuries. We speak to an eyewitness and a prominent French intellectual about the cathedral's cultural significance, and the loss felt both in France and around the world.
  • Ontario premier Doug Ford takes his fight over the so-called federal carbon tax to a Toronto courtroom this week, in a bid to have the measure ruled unconstitutional. We weigh up the arguments about provincial authority, and national health and the fight against climate change.
  • Five years after a New Zealand nurse was captured by ISIS, her story is finally being told, as efforts to rescue her go public. We speak to two experts about why authorities fought to keep Louisa Akavi's name out of the headlines, and what's changed.

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