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Leading scientist says Science Hall of Fame needs to nominate more women

Every year Canada's Science and Engineering Hall of Fame welcomes three inductees into its prestigious ranks. And in the past two years the grand total of women nominated for the Hall, is... an absolute zero. That's got two female members of its selection committee walking out in protest.
The Canada Science and Technology Museum, which houses the Hall of Fame, runs a nomination period of approximately one year during which the public is invited to put names forward for consideration. (CBC)
UBC neurologist Judy Illes has stepped down in protest from her position at a Canadian science hall of fame because they have failed to produce any female nominees for a second straight year. (University of B.C.)

Each year the Canadian Science and Engineering Hall of Fame picks three Canadians to join the ranks of those who excel in science. But of the 60 chosen since 1991, only 11 are women and in the past two years there were no Canadian women even nominated for the recognition.

Now, two of Canada's leading scientists have stepped down from the Hall of Fame selection committee in protest.

Judy Illes was the first to do so. She is a professor of Neurology at the University of BC and joined us from Vancouver.

Alex Benay is the CEO of the Canadian Science and Technology Museums Corporation which oversees the Science and Engineering Hall of Fame. He was in Calgary. 

This segment was produced by The Current's Ines Colabrese.