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Great Big Sea's Séan McCann opens up about abuse by a priest

Séan McCann, of the Great Big Sea, speaks about what he believes is the real source of the demons that tormented him for years. He joins us for a revealing feature interview.

Séan McCann, the Great Big Sea co-founder is still singing and dancing. But not drinking these days. He's sobered up, and gone solo. And he's also starting to speak out about what he believes is the real source of the demons that tormented him for years. Séan McCann joins us for a revealing feature interview.

"If you deny your problems, you won't be able to move forward" - Séan McCann on the roots of his alcoholism.

Séan McCann has conquered a lot of demons.

You likely know him best as a co-founder of the Newfoundland folk rock band, Great Big Sea. But he's made some big changes lately.... and faced down some serious demons in the process.

For one thing there was alcoholism.

Life as a rock and roller offers many opportunities for drinks, and McCann was never one to pass them up.... But he gave it up three years ago. And soon after he struck out on his own to pursue solo musical projects.

He says it wasn't really the band, or the life on the road, that drove him to drink. He traces that problem to another demon, from long ago in his past as a teenager... a family friend, who was a Catholic priest.

It's a story he shared for the first time just a few months ago with an audience in London, Ontario... and one he's never discussed in an interview before. But he's agreed to join us to talk about it... as well as his latest album, called "Help Your Self."

Séan McCann joined Anthony Germain in our St. John's studio.

This segment was produced by Halifax Network Producer, Mary Lynk.


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