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Darce Fardy and his wife Dorothea on facing a future with Alzheimer's

When the long-time Nova Scotia journalist Darce Fardy learned he was in the early stages of Alzheimer's, he resorted to what he knew best ... telling a story to help people understand. Darce Fardy and his wife Dorothea share their view of the future.
Darce Fardy and his wife Dorothea are beginning to adjust to the reality of what lies in their future now that Darce has been diagnosed with dementia. (CBC)

I phoned the local newspaper and said, I'll write you a column. They were a little hesitant at first since they don't often get a call from someone saying I have dementia.Darce Fardy

Friends who bump into Darce Fardy these days on the streets of Halifax - would not likely notice anything unusual. He still has a spring in his step as he heads out each day to get some fresh air, and pick up the paper.

But he might forget a name -- he might forget knowing the friend at all. Darce Fardy has been diagnosed with dementia, and he's decided to speak candidly about it.

Mr. Fardy is well known in Nova Scotia. He was a CBC journalist for decades. Then he took on a role in government as director of the province's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Darce Fardy and his wife Dorothea joined us from Halifax.

This segment was produced by Halifax Network Producer Wendy Martin and Producer Jennifer Henderson.

Tomorrow on The Current, we will be speaking with the doctor mentioned in this discussion, Dr. Ken Rockwood, about his work with people diagnosed with Alzheimer's and their families.


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