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Unfaithful: The story of women in Rome who have love affairs with priests

At regular meetings in Rome, a support group of Italian women gathers to discuss uncomfortable secrets: former and ongoing affairs with priests.
Over the course of 25 years, Maria Grazia Fillipucci was in an unusual, on-again, off-again, relationship. And despite the depth of her feelings, she was forced to keep the liaison a secret. But now she is speaking out about what she and dozens of other women in Rome have in common: love affairs with priests.

If you want to be a priest and want to continue a relationship with me you must be honest. I have to decide if I want to continue to be the lover of the priest. Maria Grazia Fillipucci

This month, Pope Francis got his picture on the cover of the Rollling Stone. It's an unusual choice for a magazine that normally features rock stars, people rarely associated with self-control, discretion... or celibacy.

The title of the cover story is called The Times They Are A-Changing. Perhaps not fast enough for some of the women who meet regularly in Rome to discuss their secret affairs, affairs with men unlikely to appear in Rolling Stone.

Our documentary, Unfaithful was produced by freelance journalist Megan Williams.

A special thanks to Vancouver actress, Maria Fierro was the voice in translation of Arturo Morelli's wife, Gabriella.

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