Facing Race

Facing Race: Your life. Your stories. Your identity.

Three town halls. Nine stories. One big look at important issues of race in Canada.

CBC Radio's The Current hosted town halls in Halifax, Vancouver and Montreal, exploring pressing issues of race in Canada today.

Join us for the third in a series of town halls looking at the important issues of race in Canada. In Montreal, what does Quebec's special status mean for the pursuit of racial equity? How should Quebec address racial disparities in employment? 2:33:59

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Topic: What does Quebec's special status mean for the pursuit of racial equity? How should Quebec address racial disparities in employment? When identities clash, how do you move forward?

Duncan McCue hosted the town hall in CBC Montreal's studio on March 6. Catch the broadcast March 9.

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Piya Chattopadhyay hosted the town hall in CBC Vancouver's studio on Feb. 20.

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Anna Maria Tremonti hosted the town hall in Halifax's Central Library on Feb. 16.

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Facing Race

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