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Hazar al-Mahayni's quest to educate Syria's refugee children in Turkey

Hazar al-Mahayni talks to Anna Maria Tremonti about the life-saving value of an education to children who have lost a big part of their childhood to civil war in Syria.
We hear from Hazar al-Mahayni, whose dream of creating a little oasis for Syrian refugee kids has resulted in a new role -- headmistress of a school trying to save a lost generation of children of war. 


In 2012, Hazar al-Mahayni launched the Al Salam school, which had 300 spots for refugee children who settled in the small Turkish border town of Reyhanli. On the first day, 900 children showed up and not a single child was turned away. Today, the school boasts close to 2,000 students from grades 1 through 12. (

The school started up two years ago, as a much smaller affair. Now, there are nearly 2,000 students at the Al Salam School for refugee children in the Turkish border town of Reyhanli. 

Hazar al-Mahayni is a pharmacist and the headmistress of Al Salam school for refugee Syrian children in Reyhanli, Turkey.

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