Tarana Burke couldn't help a young victim of abuse. It inspired her to start the Me Too movement

In her new memoir, activist Tarana Burke describes how she founded the Me Too movement years before it became a viral hashtag.

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi on his 11 years in office, and what it means to serve

Long-time Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi is in the final days of his 11 years leading the city. He reflects on his time in office, political and pandemic division, and what it means to serve in a country like Canada.

The Current for Oct. 15, 2021

Today on The Current: The lessons learned from virtual care in the pandemic; Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi on his 11 years in office; lungs for transplant delivered by unmanned drone in Toronto; CBC podcast looks at science’s quest for eternal youth
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Iqaluit needs action from all levels of government to fix water crisis, says deputy mayor

Iqaluit's Deputy Mayor Janet Pitsiulaaq Brewster says now is the time to act on the city's drinking water crisis, and help from all levels of government is needed to fix the problem.

The Current for Oct. 14, 2021

Today on The Current: State of emergency called over evidence of fuel contamination in Iqaluit’s drinking water; CBC Fifth Estate investigates Canada’s failed vaccine deal with China; Tarana Burke on her work in the Me Too movement, years before it went viral.

How a failed deal with China to produce a made-in-Canada COVID-19 vaccine wasted months and millions

The federal government’s failed collaboration with a vaccine manufacturing company in China early in the pandemic has led to a delay of nearly two years in efforts to create a made-in-Canada COVID-19 vaccine.
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Marching in the streets isn't the only way to challenge racism, author says

Ian Williams wants people to know that protesting in the streets isn’t the only way to combat racism. While he says that’s important, people can still make a valuable contribution by having meaningful conversations about race. 

The Current for Oct. 13, 2021

Today on The Current: Growing humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan; global supply chain problems lead to empty shelves and worried retailers; Giller Prize-winning author Ian Williams on having meaningful conversations about race

Malaria vaccine an historic but imperfect weapon, and other tools cannot be forgotten, scientists say

The World Health Organization has recommended a widespread rollout of the first malaria vaccine, but experts say it's just one tool in the fight against infection.

Tragedy, death and a fight for dignity along the migrant trail in northern Greece

As Greece fortifies its borders against a potential influx of Afghan refugees, CBC's Europe Correspondent Margaret Evans takes us inside a migrant crisis that shows no signs of abating.

Athletes shouldn't be forced to boycott Beijing Games, but they should feel free to speak out, says Bruce Kidd

Former track star Bruce Kidd says being an athlete gave him a voice he never would’ve had otherwise, but he says athletes shouldn’t feel forced to use that voice.

The Current for Oct. 12, 2021

Today on The Current: Migrant crisis in Greece shows no sign of abating; Bruce Kidd on his running career and the ties between sport and politics; the promise of newly approved malaria vaccine Mosquirix; and André Picard on COVID-19 in Canada

Vulnerable Canadians felt abandoned in B.C.'s scorching summer heat dome

After a scorching summer in B.C., a report from Human Rights Watch says people with disabilities, the poor and the elderly, did not get the support they needed from the provincial government.

New film charts Jacques Cousteau's life from arrogant adventurer to conservationist

While Jacques Cousteau is remembered for his deep sea adventures and conservation work, a new film explores Cousteau’s conversion from exploiting the ocean, to trying to save it. 

The Current for Oct. 11, 2021

Today on The Current: Vulnerable Canadians felt abandoned in B.C.’s scorching summer heat dome; Stuart McLean’s Vinyl Cafe: Morley’s Garden; and director Liz Garbus dives into the life and work of Jacques Cousteau.

Back to the Land: Stories of people who are (re)connecting with nature

Back to the Land is a four-part series about people who are (re)connecting with nature and the outdoors hosted by Duncan McCue.

Finishing Beethoven's 10th Symphony — with the help of artificial intelligence

When Beethoven died 194 years ago, his 10th Symphony was unfinished. Now, researchers have finished it — with the help of artificial intelligence. We hear how they did it, and what it sounds like, with Ahmed Elgammal, director of the Art and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at Rutgers University.

The Current for Oct. 8, 2021

Today on The Current: An unpaid child support bill of $490K, and the links between unpaid support and child poverty in Canada; tensions flare between China and Taiwan; finishing Beethoven’s 10th — with the help of artificial intelligence; and Maria Ressa wins Nobel Peace Prize

Facing possible jail time totalling 100 years, journalist Maria Ressa says she won't stop fighting for justice

Philippine journalist Maria Ressa was found guilty of cyber libel by a court in Manila this week, but faces multiple charges with sentences totalling 100 years. She says the charges are politically motivated, and represent a wider threat to press freedom and democracy

Within days, this Afghan lawyer went from helping refugees, to becoming one himself

Harvard-trained lawyer Saeeq Shajjan lost everything when he and his family fled Kabul and the Taliban in August. He says one of the hardest things is not being able to help people left behind.

The Current for Oct. 7, 2021

Today on The Current: From helping others to needing help, Afghan refugee Saeeq Shajjan discusses how quickly everything changed; Canadian Édith Blais on being held hostage for 450 days in the Sahara; and deep brain stimulation offers promising treatment for depression

Arguing over what systemic racism means won't help those who face it every day, says political scientist

Quebec Premier François Legault has long insisted there is no system racism in his province, but an inquiry into the death of Atikamekw woman Joyce Echaquan draws a different conclusion.

Wendy Mendez's mother was forcibly disappeared in Guatemala's civil war. Now she has a chance for justice

Wendy Mendez’s mother was tortured and disappeared by the military during the Guatemalan civil war — when Mendez was just nine. Now, with a trial of 12 alleged death squad members underway in Guatemala City, we talk to Mendez about the chance for justice.

NFL's Laurent Duvernay-Tardif joins healthy eating program to improve kids' health

NFL offensive lineman Laurent Duvernay-Tardif is tackling a new challenge: he's partnered with Sodexo, a food service company that runs school cafeterias, to promote healthier eating habits for children. 

The Current for Oct. 6, 2021

Today on The Current: Inquiry into Joyce Echaquan’s death points to systemic racism problem in Quebec; survivors of Guatemala's civil war one step closer to justice; the pros and cons of rapid testing in schools; and NFL's Laurent Duvernay-Tardif tackles kids' health.