Afghans are suffering and dying while Canada plays politics, says aid worker

Sanctions meant to isolate the Taliban are instead leaving ordinary Afghans to suffer in a terrible humanitarian crisis, says Samira Sayed Rahman of the International Rescue Committee.


Celebrity chef Adrian Forte shares a recipe that takes him back to childhood in Jamaica

One of the first dishes chef Adrian Forte learned to make in Jamaica was porridge. He shows host Matt Galloway how to make his version of cornmeal porridge — and talks about the significance of the dish to his childhood.

The Current for Aug. 17, 2022

Today on The Current: Prominent cardinal, dozens of clergy members accused of sexual assault in class action lawsuit; the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, and efforts to resettle Afghans in Canada; and chef Adrian Forte shares a taste of home.

What was that podcast I heard on The Current?

This summer on The Current, hear the best of CBC Podcasts. Find out more about the series and where to find them here.

Taliban rule has made independent news coverage in Afghanistan impossible, says media CEO

It has become impossible for journalists and media operating inside Afghanistan to properly do their jobs a year into Taliban rule, says Lotfullah Najafizada, CEO of Amu Television.

The Current for Aug. 16, 2022

Today on The Current: Ground-breaking clinical trial offers hope for Toronto boy diagnosed with rare genetic disorder; Afghanistan, the international community, and press freedom under the Taliban; and episode six of CBC podcast White Hote Hate.

Some women are finding ways to study in Afghanistan, but at great cost

While women are still finding ways to study in Afghanistan, advocates are calling for international help to hold the Taliban to account and ensure education for women. 

The implications of Friday's violent attack on author Salman Rushdie

We talk to Bob Rae about the implications of Friday’s shocking violent attack on author Salman Rushdie. Rae is Canada's Ambassador to the UN, and also one of Rushdie’s friends. We also listen back to Matt Galloway's conversation with Rushdie, from Aug. 2021.

The Current for Aug. 15, 2022

Today on The Current: Women struggle to get an education in Afghanistan, a year into Taliban rule; and Bob Rae on Friday’s violent attack on his friend, author Salman Rushdie

Serena Williams' legacy, both on and off the tennis court

Sports journalists Stephanie Myles and Renee Washington discuss Serena Williams' decision to retire, the trailblazing moments of her career and what her legacy will be.

The Current for Aug. 12, 2022

Today on The Current: Passengers left frustrated as airlines deny compensation; Carol Todd reflects on the fight for justice for her daughter Amanda; and episode five of CBC podcast White Hot Hate

The Current for Aug. 11, 2022

Today on The Current: Encampment tents removed from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside; Serena Williams' legacy, both on and off the tennis court; and episode four of CBC podcast White Hot Hate

Political fallout of Biden and Trump's very different weeks

U.S. President Joe Biden passed a health care, tax and climate bill that some say is legacy-defining. Meanwhile, the FBI raided the home of former president Donald Trump. We discuss these duelling political narratives and the upcoming midterms.
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Shazam for birds: Merlin Bird ID app can identify a bird from its song

If you're wondering what that chirping noise you hear is, but you're not a bird expert, wonder no more. There's an app for that. The Merlin Bird ID app can identify a bird by listening to its song.

The Current for Aug. 10, 2022

Today on The Current: Newfoundland faces worst forest fires in decades; political fallout of Biden and Trump’s very different weeks; the app that can identify a bird's song; and episode three of CBC podcast White Hot Hate

Safety at Ukraine nuclear plant not designed with 'full-scale war in mind': expert

Nuclear expert Mariana Budjeryn discusses the risks posed by shelling near the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station, a Ukrainian facility under Russian control.

Donald MacPherson reflects on decades of drug policy in Canada

Donald MacPherson has been called a visionary when it comes to the way we think about drug use in Canada. As he steps down as the executive director of the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition, he joins us to reflect on decades of shifting drug policy and helping the vulnerable.

The Current for Aug. 9, 2022

Today on The Current: Fears of catastrophe at Ukrainian nuclear plant under Russia control; Donald MacPherson reflects on decades of drug policy in Canada; and episode two of CBC podcast White Hot Hate.

What needs to happen to fix toxic hockey culture in Canada

Amid controversy surrounding Hockey Canada, parents and experts weigh in on what they feel needs to happen going forward to improve hockey culture in the country.

The Current for Aug. 8, 2022

Today on The Current: Fixing the toxic culture of hockey in Canada; why restaurants might be broken; and episode 1 of CBC podcast White Hot Hate

Alex Jones has learned that 'speech is free, but lies you have to pay for,' says lawyer

After conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was ordered to pay $4 million US in damages over false claims about the Sandy Hook school shooting, lawyer Louis Tompros says courts are playing a role in fighting disinformation.

Appeal or wait? Brittney Griner's legal team faces tough decision post-sentencing, says expert

U.S. basketball star Brittney Griner's legal battle is far from over, despite being sentenced to nine years in a Russian prison, says Russia expert Kimberly St. Julian Varnon.

The Current for Aug. 5, 2022

Today on The Current: Two years after Beirut blast, fight for justice and stability drags on; the role courts can play in fighting misinformation; and U.S. basketball player Brittney Griner sentenced to nine years in Russian prison

Congo unrest plunging 'further into an abyss' without more aid, humanitarian warns

As violence and protests flare in Congo, humanitarians say more money is needed to help those displaced by the unrest there. 

The Current for Aug. 4, 2022

Today on The Current: Ontario hospitals in grip of a staffing crisis; and UN peacekeepers under fire over violent protests in Congo