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Feeling like climate change is making home unrecognizable? There's a word for that

Wildfires and smoky skies have prompted feelings of grief and anxiety for many, as they watch their home environment change around them in real time. It's called solastalgia.

The dramatic rise in car thefts

A new report says car thefts across Canada are reaching national crisis levels. We take a look inside the crime rings taking your ride, and ask what you can do to stop your car from being stolen.

'Close to miraculous': Piano survives enormous fire

After a fire swept through a former monastery in Montreal last month, staff were surprised to find two items had survived: an antique harpsichord and a grand piano. Oliver Esmonde-White, who has cared for that piano for 28 years, improvises a tune in the aftermath.

The Current for June 9, 2023

Today on The Current: The struggle to recruit volunteer firefighters; a dramatic rise in car thefts; solastalgia and shared grief around climate change; and a precious piano that survived an enormous fire.

Friday June 9, 2023 Episode Transcript

Full text transcript for June 9 episode

The Chatham Coloured All-Stars' story is still being told long after its brief run

The Chatham Coloured All-Stars existed for just seven years, but their legacy is living on decades later.

Struggling Canadians face another rate hike

The Bank of Canada raised its key interest rate again Wednesday. We hear from people who were already struggling and now find themselves in an even tighter bind.

The money and morals of Saudi golf merger

The PGA Tour will merge with Saudi Arabia’s LIV Golf, a breakaway league financed by the kingdom’s sovereign wealth fund. Although it brings pro golfers back under one roof, the deal reignited debates about money in sport and concerns about Saudi Arabia’s human rights record.

The Current for June 8, 2023

Today on The Current: Struggling Canadians face another rate hike; Saudi Arabia golf merger raises questions of money and morals; and remembering a barrier-breaking all-Black baseball team.

Thursday June 8, 2023 Episode Transcript

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'Dark design' can nudge you into tipping more, says expert

Tipping is now commonplace in all sorts of Canadian businesses, and one expert says the prompts employed can play on our desire to seem generous.

The Current for June 7, 2023

Today on The Current: Striking tenants refuse to pay rising rents; massive dam breach in southern Ukraine; the psychology behind the tip screen; and the fight to save Chinatown.

Wednesday June 7, 2023 Episode Transcript

Full text transcript for June 7 episode

This 3D-printed fish fillet may not be the reel deal, but it could be a necessary step in sustainable cuisine

A partnership between Steakholder Foods and Umami Meats has created a 3D-printed fish fillet — all without the use of a hook, line or sinker.

How wildfire smoke affects your health

Wildfires have created smoky skies across much of Canada, with air quality and smog warnings in various parts of the country. Matt Galloway talks to a doctor and a meteorologist about the health risks, and whether climate change means these hazy skies are the new normal.

Once We Were Many by Dennis Saddleman

Later in life, residential school survivor Dennis Saddleman discovered a talent for poetry that helped with his healing. Here he reads one of his poems, Once We Were Many.

The extraordinary life of Dag Aabye

A new book from Brett Popplewell explores the extraordinary life of Dag Aabye, a man born in Nazi-occupied Norway who became one of the world's first extreme skiers and a Hollywood stuntman. Now 82, he lives in a bus in the B.C. bush, running two to six hours a day and occasionally befriending bears.

A 'penicillin moment' in war against cancer?

While a cure for cancer still seems like a long way off, there are remarkable advancements in tackling the disease in the lungs, pancreas and cervix. We hear about some of those breakthroughs, including a study that suggests a daily pill can significantly cut lung cancer mortality.

The Current for June 6, 2023

Today on The Current: What wildfire smoke means for your health; the extraordinary life of Dag Aabye; and a potential ‘penicillin moment’ in the war against cancer.

Tuesday June 6, 2023 Episode Transcript

Full text transcript for June 6 episode

Migrants risk their lives to reach North America. This centre offers a pitstop, and an alternative

At the Guatemala-Honduras border, a centre offers migrants and refugees a chance to rest and regroup, and perhaps consider staying in Central America instead of making the dangerous journey north.

David is friends with Lazarus. Lazarus is an AI chatbot

More and more people are forming friendships and even romantic relationships with AI chatbots, prompting concerns among experts who study the ethics around the rapidly evolving technology.

The Current for June 5, 2023

Today on The Current: A snapshot of migration at a Central American border; the promise of 3D-printed fish fillets; and unpacking the latest in Canadian politics.

Monday June 5, 2023 Episode Transcript

Full text transcript for June 5 episode

American horseracing not 'designed with the horse in mind,' trainer says in light of Kentucky Derby deaths

Hundreds of thoroughbreds die at race tracks every year. Trainer Gina Rarick says she is troubled by the way horseracing is conducted in the United States.