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Families made to feel like 'a pest' in mass shooting inquiry, says victim's daughter

Darcy Dobson lost her mother, Heather O'Brien, in the mass shooting in Nova Scotia three years ago. She has been critical of how the Mass Casualty Commission inquiry was conducted, but is "pleasantly surprised" at the final report.

N.S. RCMP boss 'truly sorry' for response to 2020 shooting, but hasn't read the inquiry report yet

The Mass Casualty Commission’s report calls for sweeping reform to the RCMP, and says intimate partner violence needs to be treated as a public health emergency in Canada.

The Current for March 31, 2023

Today on The Current: A special show from Halifax on the Mass Casualty Commission’s report — and the answers it did and didn’t provide; and using sound recordings to better protect North Atlantic right whales.

Friday March 31, 2023 Episode Transcript

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As Portapique grapples with trauma of N.S. mass killings, community members call for better supports

The Mass Casualty Commission published its final report Thursday, after an inquiry into the 2020 mass shooting that left 22 people dead in Nova Scotia.

Facing Alzheimer's, this couple still finds time to dance, and seize joy in the moment

Retired journalist Gilles Plante was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2017, and has faced the disease with the support of his wife, children's author Sheree Fitch.

People love this crocheted Maud Lewis sweater — but it's not for sale

Grace Tompkins made a sweater of a Maud Lewis painting, and got a big response online.

The Current for March 30, 2023

Today on The Current: Rebuilding after the mass shooting in Portapique, N.S.; finding joy in the shadow of Alzheimer’s; a crocheted Maud Lewis sweater proves a hit; how an antique seal press unlocked a tragic tale; and the impact of reporting on a mass shooting

Thursday March 30, 2023 Episode Transcript

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New stroke treatment helps more Canadian patients return home to their normal lives

In some cases, endovascular thrombectomy have allowed patients to walk out of the hospital mere days after being admitted in life-threatening conditions.

Will the federal budget really help struggling Canadians? We ask Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland

Matt Galloway talks to Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland about Tuesday’s federal budget; and looks at the fine detail with Tonda MacCharles, parliamentary reporter for the Toronto Star; and Nojoud Al Mallees, economics reporter for Canadian Press.

The Current for March 29, 2023

Today on The Current: High rents pushing people into homelessness in Nova Scotia; Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland on the federal budget; and calls to ban Russia from the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Wednesday March 29, 2023 Episode Transcript

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The Current for March 28, 2023

Today on The Current: Calls for greater access to life-saving treatment for stroke; Israel puts judicial reform on hold after widespread protests; and the rise and risk of ‘tranq dope’.

Tuesday March 28, 2023 Episode Transcript

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Closing Roxham Road, and the impact on asylum seekers

Canada and the U.S. agreed to close the border at Roxham Road in Quebec, where more than 40,000 people crossed to claim asylum here last year.

The Current for March 27, 2023

Today on The Current: Calls to end ‘race correction’ in health care; the impact of closing Roxham Road; some NHL players object to Pride-themed events; and a referendum to recognize Indigenous peoples in Australia’s constitution

Monday March 27, 2023 Episode Transcript

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Anti-LGBTQ bill passed in Uganda used as 'low-hanging fruit' to distract public, researcher says

Uganda’s parliament has passed anti-gay laws that include making it illegal to identify as gay or transgender. The laws carry penalties such as lengthy jail time or even a death sentence.

Northern communities want a say in NORAD modernization

U.S. President Joe Biden’s visit to Ottawa is expected to include talks around modernizing NORAD, the U.S.-Canada aerospace defence organization. There are calls for northern communities to be part of any redevelopment and see tangible benefits from any new infrastructure.

Pablo Escobar's escaped hippos are causing problems in Colombia

The drug kingpin Pablo Escobar smuggled four hippos into his compound in Colombia, but they escaped into the wild after he was killed. Their population has now ballooned to around 140, leaving authorities grappling with a very big invasive species.

The Current for March 24, 2023

Today on The Current: Northern communities want a say in NORAD modernization; Colombia grappling with Pablo Escobar’s escaped hippos; and the power and importance of friendship.

Friday March 24, 2023 Episode Transcript

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They're not Indigenous — but they're learning Indigenous languages

Junaid Khan is one of a growing number of non-Indigenous Canadians learning Indigenous languages, in settings that range from Zoom lectures to university classrooms.

Learn how to sing 'Ode'min Giizis (Strawberry Moon)'

Singer-songwriter Tara Williamson teaches us an Anishinaabemowin song for the Canadian Music Class Challenge.