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The Current for May 29, 2023

Today on The Current: Thousands flee fire outside Halifax; lack of support for teen mental health; and AI pinpoints treatment for drug-resistant superbug.

Indigenous-led bison repopulation projects are helping the animal thrive again in Alberta

Years after 16 wild bison were reintroduced to Banff National Park in 2017, their population is expected to swell to around 100 after this year's calving season. It's one of several efforts to reintroduce bison to parts of Alberta.

Creating positive change for Black communities is every Canadian's fight: Michaëlle Jean

The Halifax Declaration lists demands and expectations for improving the lives of Black Canadians. Matt Galloway talks to former governor general Michaëlle Jean and the activist and poet El Jones.

The Current for May 26, 2023

Today on The Current: Bringing back the bison; the bloody battle for the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut; and a call to improve the lives of Black Canadians.

Friday May 26, 2023 Episode Transcript

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The Current for May 25, 2023

Today on The Current: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announces U.S. presidential bid; Holocaust survivor Josef Lewkowicz tells his story in a new memoir; and cleaning up the Seine River in Paris.

Thursday May 25, 2023 Episode Transcript

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Some carmakers are removing AM radios from dashboards. How big of a loss will it be?

AM radio has long kept drivers company with sports coverage, music and call-in shows, but some automakers are dropping AM receivers in their new models.

Campfire paella? Finer dining in the great outdoors

In his new recipe book Cook It Wild, food writer and former restaurant critic Chris Nuttall-Smith aims to elevate campfire cooking from baked beans and hotdogs to dishes like paella and risotto.

The Current for May 24, 2023

Today on The Current: No public inquiry into foreign interference; bringing finer dining to the campfire stove; Senator Patrick Brazeau on Canada’s relationship with alcohol; and how the Colorado River deal could affect what we eat.

Wednesday May 24, 2023 Episode Transcript

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What this Canadian author learned from his father's death

In his new book Just Once, No More, author Charles Foran writes about getting to know his dad at the end of his life — and what that taught him about his own mortality.

The Current for May 23, 2023

Today on The Current: Canada’s teen vaping crisis; some carmakers are taking AM radio off the dial; and author Charles Foran on getting to know his father before he died.

Tuesday May 23, 2023 Episode Transcript

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How the polio epidemic revolutionized modern medicine

In the early twentieth century, a diagnosis of polio could mean almost certain death. By 1952, the epidemic had devastated countries in Europe and baffled medical professionals. In her book, The Autumn Ghost, Dr. Hannah Wunsch explores how Danish doctors revolutionized their practice in the midst of this tragedy.

How the humble cabbage got this P.E.I. woman a shout out in the New York Times

P.E.I. resident Ann Thurlow used pandemic lockdown time to create a recipe book all about cabbage — a project that’s brought her all the way to coverage in The New York Times.

The Current for May 22, 2023

Today on the Current: Canada’s burgeoning veterinarian crisis; Vinyl Cafe: Odd Jobs; and how a cookbook about the humble cabbage led to a $12,000 cheque for a P.E.I. women’s shelter.

Monday May 22, 2023 Episode Transcript

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New campaign sheds light on 'invisible' crisis of concussions and domestic violence

A new campaign from the YWCA in Vancouver is highlighting a hidden epidemic: women suffering from concussions after being physically assaulted by their partners.

Facing disturbing content daily, online moderators in Africa want better protections and a fair wage

Content moderators in Kenya say social media networks have been exploiting them for years, offering low wages and inadequate mental health support.

Gene-edited food might taste better. Not everyone is convinced

Scientists are using gene-editing tools to make vegetables like mustard greens and kale taste better — and perhaps seem more attractive to picky eaters. But not everyone is convinced.

They're not Indigenous — but they're learning Indigenous languages

Junaid Khan is one of a growing number of non-Indigenous Canadians learning Indigenous languages, in settings that range from Zoom lectures to university classrooms.

The Current for May 19, 2023

Today on The Current: Concussions and intimate partner violence; why gardeners are replacing grass with native plants; and the surprising students learning Indigenous languages.

Friday May 19, 2023 Episode Transcript

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From cancer to mental health, firefighters battle on long after the smoke clears

Some firefighters have welcomed Alberta's move to expand presumptive cancer coverage for the profession, but say first responders need help with their mental as well as physical health.