'It's a process of discovery': Advice about COVID-19 will change and that's fine, science reporter says

If information and advice around COVID-19 seems to be changing, it doesn't mean scientists and journalists are making mistakes, but rather they're figuring things out, science reporter Deborah Blum says. 

'Lapping at our shores': Small and remote hospitals anxiously await a COVID-19 influx

The Current spoke with emergency department doctors in three provinces. While they believe they're prepared for a deluge of cases, they worry about the impact COVID-19 will have on their facilities and staff.

The Current for April 3, 2020

Today on The Current: Non-medical frontline workers; Checking in on the pandemic in Italy; COVID-19 and Indigenous communities; China and case counting; Communicating science during a crisis

Releasing some prison inmates is key to reducing COVID-19 spread, say advocates

Depopulating prisons is a necessary step to prevent COVID-19 from spreading in correctional facilities and moving into outside communities, advocates and a doctor tell The Current.

Samin Nosrat wants to 'keep you company' with her podcast for pantry cooking

People's ability to go to the supermarket to pick up ingredients is being severely limited amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but a new podcast is hoping to help those in lockdown get creative with the food already in their pantry.

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer on the Opposition's role during the pandemic

According to the Official Opposition, the Trudeau government has been too slow to respond to the COVID-19 crisis. Andrew Scheer talks to host Matt Galloway about his party's role during the pandemic.

Sex writer Dan Savage shares what love and sex from a safe physical distance can look like

Keeping the spark alive during these trying times can be tough. Sex columnist and writer Dan Savage on what sex and love can look like during — and after — the coronavirus.

The Current for April 2, 2020

Today on The Current: Finance Minister Bill Morneau; Conservative leader Andrew Scheer; Prepping rural hospitals for COVID-19; Depopulating prisons during the pandemic, Love and sex in the time of coronavirus; Samin Nosrat on her new home cooking podcast

Historian Yuval Noah Harari says we can choose what the world looks like when the pandemic is over

Author and historian Yuval Noah Harari speaks with The Current's Matt Galloway about how history will record the COVID-19 pandemic.

Under The Influence host Terry O'Reilly on making a pandemic PSA

People need to be informed during the pandemic, but if a public service announcement strikes the wrong note, audiences tune it out. Terry O’Reilly offers tips on making PSAs that influence action.

What would Jean-Luc Picard do about COVID-19? More than Trump and Boris, says Patrick Stewart

Actor Patrick Stewart discusses how the themes of his show Star Trek: Picard mirror today's political climate and shares how he thinks the famous character would deal with our current world crisis.

Trumpets, window visits and virtual cards: How families are connecting with loved ones in nursing homes

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to isolate older Canadians in care homes from their family members, staff and loved ones across the country are finding ways to keep them connected.

The Current for April 1, 2020

Today on The Current: Should you wear a mask?; Teaching kids remotely; Sir Patrick Stewart; Historian Yuval Noah Harari on pandemics past and present

Tenants and landlords say more action from governments needed as rent comes due

As renters say they can’t make rent, a Victoria tenants group tells The Current the B.C. government should suspend rent and mortgage payments. The President of an Ontario landlords organization says new measures are needed so landlords still get paid.

As physical distancing expands amid COVID-19 pandemic, some worry about a social recession

While the word recession is more often associated with economics, neuroscientist James Coan says that a deficit of social connections can be harmful for both mental and physical health.

'Totally irresponsible' to expose yourself to COVID-19 in hopes of immunity, warns immunologist

Immunologist Jeanette Boudreau explains how immunity works, and why it would be irresponsible to try to get COVID-19 in the hopes of developing resistance.

The Current for March 31, 2020

Today on The Current: COVID-19's impact on elder care homes; Coping with isolation; Immunity questions; Rent strike

From hospital visits to co-parenting, answers to kids' questions about COVID-19

From how long viruses can live on surfaces to whether the doctor’s office is still a safe place to visit, Dr. Brian Goldman answers COVID-19 questions from kids across Canada.

This author says growing your own 'victory garden' could help to ease the anxiety of the COVID-19 pandemic

Looking for something practical to do during the pandemic? Debi Goodwin says there are benefits to growing your own vegetables, like the victory gardens of the Second World War.

Ellen Page expresses frustration with 'absolutely horrifying' environmental racism in N.S.

In a new doc, the Canadian actress takes a searing look at injustices in her home province.

The Current for March 30, 2020

Today on The Current: COVID-19 testing; Kids’ questions about the virus; Victory Gardens; Pandemic leaves charities in crisis

'I'll do anything I can do': Crooner Michael Bublé urges Canadians to take COVID-19 seriously

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asked Michael Bublé to spread the word about staying home during the COVID-19 pandemic on Monday. Now the singer is using social media to encourage physical distancing.

Alone and struggling to breathe, this COVID-19 patient's parents use video calls to keep watch as she sleeps

Manija Raofi is self-isolating at her New York home with COVID-19, as the state struggles under the weight of one-third of America’s cases.

The Current Weekly: How to cope during the COVID-19 pandemic

One of America's first COVID-19 patients, Christy Karras, shares her experience with the disease — and Canadians in the thick of self-isolation offer some tips for coping. Plus, ER doctor James Maskalyk shares how meditation has made him a more compassionate physician, and why he thinks it could help everyone.

Meet the helpers feeding hungry Canadians

The pandemic has left some people struggling to get groceries or a hot meal — but here come the helpers! We talk to food banks and workers who are helping to feed hungry Canadians.