This journalist crowdsources tips to help solve murders in his spare time

Billy Jensen, a true crime writer who helped write a famous book about the Golden State Killer, uses social media crowd sourcing to help solve murder cases in his spare time. Here's how he does it.

Minority government means Trudeau has 'some on-the-job learning' to do, says columnist

As the dust settles on the vote, our national affairs panel discusses the challenges, and opportunities, facing the next government.

The Current for Oct. 23, 2019

Today on The Current: As the dust settles on the vote, our national affairs panel discusses the challenges, and opportunities, facing the next government; plus, we discuss a pro-Hong Kong protest at a Raptors game in Toronto, as a row between the NBA and China rumbles on; and we talk to investigative journalist Billy Jensen about his new book, and his work using social media to crowdsource clues about wanted killers.

As parties consider minority options, overlapping speeches show communication problem: Vassy Kapelos

A panel of experts discuss what happened last night, the fallout, and what happens next as the parties look for a way to govern.

These Canadians are close to the key election issues. Here's how they reacted to the results

Certain issues have been front and centre this election: climate change, the oil sands, Indigenous rights, and the all-important power of swing ridings in determining who wins and loses. The Current spoke to four voters close to those issues to hear what they thought of the results.

Elizabeth May says questions about her political future are 'trivial' in face of climate change

Despite falling short of a projected electoral breakthrough, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May says the party's three MPs are focused on being “the conscience of Parliament."

The Current for Oct. 22, 2019

Today on The Current: We’re bringing you everything you need to know about the election: the winners, the losers, the surprises — and what it all means. Our panel of experts will catch you up on what happened last night, and then we’re asking three former MPs what happens next. We’re talking to Green Party Leader Elizabeth May; and getting reaction from Canadians close to the key issues — from the economy to the environment to Indigenous rights.

Bank of Canada's digital currency idea could have 'unintended negative consequences,' says journalist

Like a number of central banks around the world, the Bank of Canada is getting serious about researching a digital currency that may eventually replace cash. But it's raising many concerns about privacy, says tech reporter Zane Schwartz.

Watch George Elliott Clarke perform his electrifying poem about the power of voting

George Elliott Clarke, Canada's former parliamentary poet laureate, wrote a new poem for The Current's town hall event on democracy.

Millennials are turning to astrology to cope with an uncertain world: journalist

Astrology is enjoying a resurgence in popularity, with apps and social media accounts that can give you daily guidance from the stars. Journalist Julie Beck says that people who find astrology useful don't care that it has no basis in science.

The Current for Oct. 21, 2019

Today on The Current: We discuss the state of democracy in the U.S. and the U.K., and what it can tell us about the wider world. Plus, are digital currencies on the verge of becoming mainstream? And we look at why millennials are turning to astrology to cope with uncertainty in the modern world.

Conservative's Lisa Raitt suggests NDP could support Tory minority government on a 'case-by-case' basis

Conservative deputy leader Lisa Raitt talks about the tone of the election campaign so far, whether the NDP may work with a Conservative minority government and her confidence that the abortion debate won't be reopened.

The Current for Oct. 18, 2019

Today on The Current: On the campaign trail with party leaders, to get a behind-the-scenes look at these final days; then, we talk to Conservative Deputy Leader Lisa Raitt about what her party is offering Canadians; plus, the impact disinformation has had this election cycle; how the campaign is playing out in Atlantic Canada; and a satirical interview with a man who is the only candidate — and the only voter — in his constituency.

Voters returning to Bloc Québécois over fears provinces are 'ganging up' on Quebec: Chantal Hébert

Veteran journalist Chantal Hébert talks to Laura Lynch about Quebec politics, and what's at stake this election.

Longtime friends reflect on how Justin Trudeau originally wanted 'nothing to do with politics'

In the lead-up to Monday's vote, The Current spoke to longtime friends of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau about pivotal moments in his political career and life.

From high school politics to PM bid: Longtime friends reflect on Andrew Scheer

In the lead-up to Monday's vote, The Current spoke to longtime friends of Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer about pivotal moments in his political career and life. 

The Current for Oct. 17, 2019

Today on The Current: We’re hearing from voters in Quebec, where a resurgent Bloc Québécois is wresting support away from the other parties; plus, our documentary A Very Public Life looks at Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s path to politics; and veteran journalist Chantal Hébert on what's at stake this election.

U.S. withdrawal from Syria already creating 'a new regional order': Guardian correspondent

The U.S. decision to withdraw troops from northeastern Syria is already creating a reordering of power in the region, with Russia at the top, according to The Guardian's Middle East correspondent Martin Chulov.

These 4 voters have made up their mind. Can they convince each other to switch their ballots?

The Current headed to Milton, Ont., one of the most closely-watched ridings in the federal election, to speak to four decided voters about who they're casting their ballots for.

The Current for Oct. 16, 2019

Today on The Current: Our national affairs panel looks at the polls taken — and promises made — as we enter the final days of the federal election campaign; plus, our documentary looks at the life and career of Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer. Then, reporter Martin Chulov tells us what he’s seen in northern Syria, as he describes the shattering of a fragile peace; and we talk to four decided voters in Milton, Ont. about how they made up their minds — and whether they can convince each other to switch their ballots.

'Voting out of fear is a waste of your vote' says Jagmeet Singh, as coalition speculation continues

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh spoke to The Current about why he disagrees that voting for the NDP is a wasted vote, why his criticisms of the Liberals wouldn't preclude him from working with them in government, and why he wouldn't intervene legally on Quebec's religious symbols ban.

The homeless count: Challenges of voting with no fixed address

Homeless residents of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside say voting, or trying to vote, in Canadian elections can often be incredibly challenging with minimal benefits.

The Current for Oct. 15, 2019

Today on The Current: We’re asking NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh what his party is offering Canadians, and whether a vote for the NDP is a wasted vote; plus, we talk to homeless people frustrated by the difficulties they face in casting their ballot; and we compare how the various parties stack up with their plans to fight climate change.

'I'm not a one-issue voter': U.S. Republicans divided over Trump's decision to pull out of Syria

Republican strategists say that U.S. President Donald Trump's withdrawal of troops from northern Syria has prompted an unprecedented wave of criticism from some of his staunchest defenders. But for some, that doesn't mean they'll stop supporting him.

This B.C. woman lodged hundreds of 911 complaints about the homeless. Now she's advocating for them

Between 2004 and 2018, Peggy Allen made approximately 500 calls to police about incidents involving people from the emergency shelter next door in Abbotsford, B.C. Today, she's giving back to the people who she once referred to as the source of her "nightmare."