The Current for Nov. 26, 2021

Today on The Current: First Nations say they were forgotten in floods, and are struggling to find help now; rebuilding B.C. roads and highways must look to what comes next, says engineer; how the floods have affected people already on the margins

As floods recede in Merritt, B.C., residents return to damaged streets and homes

Matt Galloway travels to Merritt, B.C., where 7,000 people were told to evacuate during the recent extensive flooding. They’re now slowly returning to find out what’s happened to their homes and livelihoods.

The Current for Nov. 25, 2021

Today on The Current: As floods recede in Merritt, B.C., residents return to survey the damage; daring wildlife rescues; the ranch trying to bend with nature rather than fight against it; and how floods affect the salmon population.

B.C. flood recovery will be a marathon, not a sprint, says High River disaster survivor

The floods in British Columbia are hard to watch for some residents in High River, Alta. — they experienced a similar tragedy in 2013. But their experience could offer a blueprint for recovery in B.C.

Political veterans weigh in on the throne speech — and what's ahead for the new parliament

We discuss the promises made by the new Liberal government with our political panel: former Conservative MP Lisa Raitt; former NDP MP Libby Davies; and former Liberal MP Wayne Easter.

The Current for Nov. 24, 2021

Today on The Current: Political veterans weigh in on the throne speech — and the session ahead; how the trauma of the High River flood could offer a roadmap to recovery in B.C.; new CBC podcast explores incel culture connected to the Toronto van attack.

Iqaluit teens demand more support for people struggling with mental health

Amy Ullikatar says you don’t have to look far in Nunavut to find someone affected by suicide, and she says it’s time government to put more funding toward mental health facilities and solving housing problems there.

A song on Adele's new album puts whistling centre stage. It's about time, says a world champion whistler

Adele's new album features a track with a whole whistling chorus. We hear how it rates with world champion whistler Carole Anne Kaufman, known as the Whistling Diva.

The Current for Nov. 23, 2021

Today on The Current: Protesters, journalists arrested at B.C. pipeline protest camp; Iqaluit teens march on legislature to highlight suicide crisis; lingering concerns for safety of Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai; Adele's new album puts whistling centre stage

There's deep frustration between rhetoric and reality of reconciliation, says Indigenous lawyer Bruce McIvor

Prominent Indigenous lawyer Bruce McIvor has worked with First Nations clients to defend their rights for more than two decades —  sometimes even against the Canadian government.

When a premature baby and his family were stranded in B.C. flooding, local moms rushed to help

Kaytlin Toews was bringing her son home after more than a month in the neonatal intensive care unit, when they were stranded by the floods in B.C.

'Trust in the science': Experts answer listener questions about kids and COVID-19 vaccines

With the first doses of COVID-19 vaccines for children arriving in Canada, we put listener questions to health and immunology experts.

The Current for Nov. 22, 2021

Today on The Current: Experts answer your questions about kids and COVID-19 vaccines; community helpers step up amid chaos of B.C. flooding; Indigenous lawyer Bruce McIvor on the problem with reconciliation — and how to fix it

Why fighting apartheid with music might be Steven Van Zandt's proudest moment

Steven Van Zandt is an accomplished singer, songwriter and producer who worked with Bruce Springsteen. He's even starred in The Sopranos. But those great accomplishments pale to what might be his proudest achievement: fighting apartheid in South Africa.

Survivor-led search at former residential school could provide framework for future searches

Survivors of a residential school in southern Ontario say it's important that they've been included in the search for unmarked graves on its grounds. 

How Abbotsford, B.C., farmers are trying to save their animals amid floodwaters

As B.C. continues to recover from floods, farmers are desperately trying to save their animals and farms. The Current producer Ben Jamieson was in Abbotsford, B.C., and reports on some of the efforts he saw. We also hear from dairy farmer Karl Meier.

Doctors recount the threats they've received during the pandemic — and what must be done to address them

Doctors on the frontlines have been hailed as heroes during the pandemic. But for those who speak out for public health measures such as vaccines and masks, the responses they’ve received are much less welcome.

The Current for Nov. 19, 2021

Today on The Current: How Abbotsford, B.C., farmers are trying to save their animals amid floodwaters; addressing the threats to doctors during the pandemic; and Steven Van Zandt on his political awakening and fighting apartheid

Chris Hadfield says more regulations needed to protect astronauts from space debris

A recent space missile from Russia that blew up an old satellite has people concerned about the danger of space debris. But Chris Hadfield says this isn't a new problem.

The Current for Nov. 18, 2021

Today on The Current: How truckers being stranded in B.C. could impact Canada’s supply chain; the threat of military engagement in space; The Fifth Estate’s investigates WE Charity schools; and an update on a woman who fled Afghanistan

How Canadian Biruté Galdikas uncovered the secret life of orangutans

In 1971, a young Canadian scientist named Biruté Galdikas waded into the rainforests of Borneo, Indonesia, for the first time. Her mission? To study orangutans, then one of the least understood apes in the world.

Despite 'watered-down' language on coal, COP26 still a success, says prominent climate negotiator

Close to 200 nations agreed to a deal on Saturday at COP26 in Glasgow that aims at limiting global warming, and while some people are concerned about the compromises made there, one expert says its a natural step in progress.

The Current for Nov. 17, 2021

Today on The Current: The challenges ahead for Princeton, B.C. post-floods; Biruté Galdikas’s journey to research orangutans, 50 years later; and survivors discuss the search for unmarked graves at the Mohawk Institute Residential School

Climate minister says Canada still needs to do more, but COP26 brought victories

Climate activists are still looking for more from Canada after the COP26 Summit, but Canada's environment and climate change minister says progress was made. 

What the future of dining could look like post-pandemic

In his new book The Next Supper: The End of Restaurants as We Knew Them, and What Comes After, food journalist Corey Mintz looks at how the pandemic broke restaurants — and what can be done to fix them.