Seasonal allergies have been amped up by climate change, say experts

Studies have found allergy season is getting longer and more intense, and experts are blaming climate change.

The meme-ification of the Heard-Depp trial — and its impact on understanding intimate partner violence

Some observers say the online discussion and meme-ification of the Amber Heard-Johnny Depp trial could have a damaging effect on public understanding of intimate partner violence.

The Current for May 27, 2022

Today on The Current: Calls for better flood protections for Peguis First Nation; the meme-ification of the Amber Heard-Johnny Depp trial; how to tackle North Korea’s COVID-19 outbreak; and the pros and cons of microfinance.

'Game of roulette': This season's baseballs are frustrating MLB pitchers and hitters

Are softer baseballs affecting play in the MLB this year? They are if you ask pitchers, hitters — and data scientist Robert Arthur.

Floods, fires and the future: How 3 communities are moving forward after climate disasters

Three communities all reeling from climate disasters that hit their areas in 2021 have very different approaches and feelings about how things were handled, and how they feel heading into summer once again.

The Current for May 26, 2022

Today on The Current: What you need to know about monkeypox; what the Texas school shooting might mean for U.S. gun control; B.C. communities preparing for potential summer floods and wildfires; and how this year’s baseballs are affecting play in the MLB

How AI-equipped technology could help clinicians better diagnose mental health issues

Could video games and apps equipped with artificial intelligence help diagnose mental health issues like depression? Some experts think so — but patient privacy should be at the forefront of the movement.

Texas school shooting renews gun control debate, but debaters haven't changed, says reporter

A deadly shooting at a Texas elementary school has prompted anguished calls for action on gun control. But observers say there’s no reason to believe this shooting will lead to change, when many previous mass shootings have not.

The Current for May 25, 2022

Today on The Current: Mass shooting at Texas elementary school prompts anguished calls for gun control; upgrading Canada’s infrastructure to cope with extreme weather events; and how a video game with artificial intelligence could help diagnose depression.

How a Canadian chef is helping migrant women put down 'Roots' in Italy

Montrealer Jessica Rosval believes in “kitchens as community,” a notion the award-winning chef is applying to Roots, her new culinary venture in Modena, Italy, that trains migrant women for careers as chefs and helps them integrate into life in Italy.

The Current for May 24, 2022

Today on The Current: What will it take to end Russia’s aggression in Ukraine?; how a Canadian chef is helping migrant women integrate into Italy; Someone Knows Something explores attacks on abortion providers; and understanding the oceans’ role in storing carbon.

Unruly beasts and how to police them: Author examines the world of animal crime

Whether it’s gulls committing vandalism at St. Peter’s Basilica, or bears being blamed for breaking and entering, it’s easy to see humans aren’t the only creatures capable of committing crimes.

The Current for May 23, 2022

Today on The Current: Allergy season is getting longer and experts say climate change is to blame; Vinyl Cafe: Odd Jobs; and author Mary Roach examines the world of animal crime.

How employee-owned businesses could shake up Canada's business scene

In their 2022 budget, the federal government committed to creating an employee ownership trust. Our series Work in Progress looks at how EOTs and other worker-owned business models could shake up the Canadian business scene.

A gunman cost east Buffalo its only large grocery store — so locals are banding together to keep people fed

A mass shooting in Buffalo, N.Y., has turned a community's only grocery store into a cordoned-off crime scene, with no word on when it might reopen. Local organizers are stepping up to help.

The Current for May 20, 2022

Today on The Current: Where did it go wrong for Alberta Premier Jason Kenney?; Canada’s airports face short-staffing and long delays; Connie Walker’s podcast explores her father’s experience at residential school; and Sri Lanka’s dire financial crisis sparks widespread protest.

Supreme Court rules extreme intoxication can be used as a defence in violent crimes

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled last week that defendants accused of violent crimes can use self-induced extreme intoxication as a defence. Defence lawyer Danielle Robitaille and Elizabeth Sheehy, a professor emerita at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law, discuss the ruling.

What an equal pay agreement for U.S. women's soccer might mean for Canadian players

Women soccer players in the U.S. have won equal pay with their male counterparts after a years-long fight. Retired Canadian soccer star Diana Matheson explains what this means for Canada’s women’s team, and their fight for pay equality.

The Current for May 19, 2022

Today on The Current: How community is coming together after the deadly shooting in Buffalo; international co-operation needed to address world crises, says risk expert; the Supreme Court’s ruling on extreme intoxication as a defence; and equal pay in soccer

Soccer match with Iran is 'sports-washing,' says man who lost wife and daughter on Flight PS752

Families who lost loved ones in the destruction of Flight PS752 are angry at Canada Soccer’s plan to host Iran for an upcoming friendly in Vancouver. Hamed Esmaeilion says they want the match cancelled.

The Current for May 18, 2022

Today on The Current: Controversy over Quebec’s proposed language law; families of flight PS752 victims want soccer match with Iran cancelled; plants grown in soil from the moon; and tracing the descendants of the HMS Bounty mutineers.

The Current for May 17, 2022

Today on The Current: Ending the overrepresentation of Indigenous women in Canada’s jails; Duncan McCue on new CBC podcast, Kuper Island; calls to end school dress codes — and the tactics used to enforce them; and how El Salvador bet big on Bitcoin, but suffered heavy losses.

Blaming Fox News, Republican rhetoric for Buffalo mass shooting is 'too easy,' says professor

Ten people were killed in a mass shooting in a predominantly Black neighbourhood in Buffalo, N.Y., on Saturday, in what authorities described as a "racially motivated” attack.

The Current for May 16, 2022

Today on The Current: ‘Racially motivated’ mass shooting leaves 10 dead in Buffalo, N.Y.; pro-democracy activists arrested in Hong Kong; Finland moves to join NATO; and parents alarmed at baby formula shortage.

Killing of Palestinian reporter is 'very big loss' for the people whose stories she told: UN official

Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was shot and killed in the occupied West Bank town of Jenin on Wednesday.