Raptors fan ditches prom to watch his team 'make history' in NBA championships

Raptors fans across the world are waking up to the team's first day as NBA champions. We look back at a night of victory and raucous celebration, and what the sacrifices that some fans have made on the road here.

'This is just the beginning': Raptors' win signals new chapter in Canadian basketball

The Raptors' first-ever NBA title could go a long way toward changing the future of the sport in this country as more young people across the country are enticed to take part.

Anna Maria Tremonti's most memorable interviews: The man who shared his $25M lottery jackpot

As her time at The Current comes to a close, Anna Maria Tremonti looks back at some of the most memorable conversations from her 17 seasons as the show’s host.

The Current for June 14, 2019

Today on The Current: We speak to fans waking up to the team’s first day as NBA champions, and ask if this means a bright future for Canadian basketball; plus, we listen back to one of Anna Maria Tremonti’s favourite documentaries, about a man who won the lottery — and decided to pass it around.

Hong Kong authorities are inciting protest violence, says singer and activist Denise Ho

Police in Hong Kong cracked down on pro-democracy protesters Wednesday by using tear gas, rubber bullets and pepper spray. Singer, actor and activist Denise Ho says the violence was provoked by police, not protesters.

CNN's Jim Acosta chronicles reporting under Trump, combating 'enemy of the people' rhetoric in new book

As CNN's chief White House correspondent, Jim Acosta has been on the receiving end of multiple anti-fake news remarks from U.S. President Donald Trump. In his new book, Acosta reflects on his career in a position that is regularly subject to attacks from Trump supporters and the president himself.

Anna Maria Tremonti's most memorable interviews: Malala Yousafzai

As her time at The Current comes to a close, Anna Maria Tremonti looks back at some of the most memorable conversations from her 17 years as the show’s host.

The Current for June 13, 2019

Today on The Current: We get the view from the streets of Hong Kong, where one of the region’s largest political crises continues to unfold; plus, a conversation with CNN’s Chief White House correspondent on covering the president in the face of accusations of 'fake news'; and finally, we listen back to one of Anna Maria Tremonti’s most memorable interviews: her inspiring 2013 discussion with Malala Yousafzai.

You're invited to Anna Maria's Tremonti's Last Show: Farewell to The Current LIVE

After 17 seasons on the air, Anna Maria Tremonti is hanging up the microphone as host of the CBC's flagship current affairs radio show, The Current. Get tickets to her final show here.

What these Canadians want to see in Ottawa's final call on the Trans Mountain pipeline

The debate over the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, which would triple the amount of diluted bitumen and other oil products moving from Alberta to Burnaby for international shipment, has pitted individuals, ideologies — and even provinces — against one another.

Jason Kenney is using 'economic outreach' to connect with First Nations, says columnist

Since settling in as Alberta's new premier, Jason Kenney has made a point of seeking support from local Indigenous communities via 'economic outreach,' according to political commentator Graham Thomson.

The Current for June 12, 2019

Today on The Current: Anna Maria Tremonti takes a road trip along the Trans Mountain pipeline, to meet the people whose lives have become tangled up in the debate about its expansion; plus, our national affairs panel discusses how pipeline politics, and competing climate change strategies, will be major issues in this year's federal election.

How Toronto Raptors' breakthrough year helps inspire Canada's next generation of basketball players

Nova Scotia hoops legend Steve Konchalski, says the Toronto Raptors' historic run has energized Canadians' fandom for basketball, and it could spark a new generation of players in the next 10 to 15 years.

85 years gold: Why Madhur Jaffrey would rather spice up her career than slow down

Madhur Jaffrey's latest incarnation as a rapping grandma in a music video is proof that the 85-year-old has no plans of slowing down. The "queen of Indian cooking" discusses her new cookbook, as well as politics, the Instant Pot and her-hip hop cameo with Anna Maria Tremonti.

Anna Maria Tremonti's most memorable interviews: Firefighters in Fort McMurray

As her time as host of The Current comes to a close, Anna Maria Tremonti looks back at some of her favourite conversations from the past 17 years. In 2016, she travelled to Fort McMurray, Alta., as a massive wildfire swept across the city.

The Current for June 11, 2019

Today on The Current: Despite a heartbreaking, one-point loss to the Golden State Warriors last night, Toronto Raptors and basketball fever is at an all-time high in Canada; then, a conversation with Madhur Jaffrey, the queen of Indian cooking, an experienced actor and now, a rapping grandma; then, Anna Maria Tremonti looks back to 2016, when she spoke to firefighters who were going face-to-face with the devastating wildfires in Fort McMurray, B.C.

Men need to stand up and apologize for sexual abuse, says Vagina Monologues playwright Eve Ensler

Playwright Eve Ensler's new book is an apology, written as a letter to herself, from her abusive father. Find out why she chose to write from her deceased father's perspective and how it helped her cope with the trauma of the past.

Anna Maria Tremonti's most memorable interviews: When Henry Kissinger walked out

As her time at The Current comes to a close, Anna Maria Tremonti looks back at some of the most memorable conversations from her 17 years as the show’s host.

Little fish, big impact: How the loss of herring hurts more than our oceans

Herring are a small fish that play a massive role in the marine ecosystem. We examine what its declining population numbers mean for the oceans — and us.

Colombia, other Latin American countries strained by flow of Venezuelan refugees, says filmmaker

As neighbouring countries deal with a "staggering" number of refugees from Venezuela, the worsening situation becomes the second-biggest migrant crisis in the world after Syria.

The Current for June 10, 2019

Today on The Current: With exodus numbers passing four million, we discuss Venezuela’s deepening crisis and whether Canada has a role to play; then, playwright Eve Ensler endured abuse by her father, and has written his apology for him; also, herring is a small fish with huge implications — and its numbers are declining; finally, a look back at another memorable career moment for host Anna Maria Tremonti: a conversation with former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, which didn’t go as planned.

Despite growing audience, women's soccer still fighting for respect, says journalist

The Women's World Cup kicks off in France today, and FIFA is expecting record-breaking viewership numbers. But advocates for women in soccer say the organisation — and the world — still don't take the sport seriously.

Why Jully Black wants kids to put down their phones and make a connection

A lot of people would agree that they spend too much time staring at a screen — but many of us still have a hard time tearing ourselves away. We talk to Canadian singer Jully Black, the spokesperson for the 2019 campaign Unplug to Connect.

Don't pity the single ladies, author says — they're probably happier than you

A new book by author Paul Dolan suggests that while society expects them to be sad and lonely, single women who don't have children are actually a very happy population. Not everyone agrees with the idea, however.

The Current for June 7, 2019

Today on The Current: As the Women's World Cup tournament opens in France, we examine how compensation for the players compares to the men's game; then, married with kids versus single ladies — who’s happier?; plus, exploring the value (and difficulty) of turning away from our screens.