Wanted: Weed Reviewer

Vancouver Magazine has just posted a wanted ad for its first marijuana reviewer. Editor Jessica Barrett joins us to explain why it's high time a mainstream lifestyle publication started reviewing pot, and the places that sell it.
Vancouver Magazine is hiring a columnist to review to different strains of pot in the Vancouver area. (Mario Anzuoni/Reuters)

Flip through Vancouver Magazine, and you will find recommendations for wine, reviews of the city's best restaurants and if everything goes well, soon, hopefully, weed.

The lifestyle magazine has just posted a wanted ad for its first marijuana reviewer, and according to senior editor Jessica Barrett, it's just a natural evolution in content.

"It's something that is really intrinsic in the fabric of Vancouver, and so as the city magazine that reflects our community, we thought it's time for us take this step,

"There are neighbourhoods that have more pot dispensaries than grocery stores and it has just become part of Vancouver's streetscape," says Barrett, 

In her view, the critic will also be providing a service to interested readers. 

"There's so much competition out there. How do you choose? How do you figure out which one is good, which one is bad, which one is going to give you the most value? Or if you're new to marijuana, or you're curious, where do you start?" 

Though weed isn't legal yet, Barrett isn't worried about the hire. She also views the role of pot critic as a way to elevate how the media and society think of marijuana. 

"I think we need to start looking at marijuana with a more mature lens. It is something that adults will be able to indulge in as they choose, and we need to start looking at it as a consumer product as opposed to just something that's a black market thing that exists below the radar," she says. 


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