OPINION: Canadian media needs to stop with the Canadian angle

Have you ever noticed how far the Canadian media often present the Canadian angle to stories that have nothing to do with Canada? Robert Hiltz has, and he wants it to end.
An artistic conception shows the recently-discovered Jupiter-like exoplanet 51 Eridani b. Canadian media touted the fact that the camera that discovered the planet included some parts made in this country. (Danielle Futselaar and Franck Marchis/SETI Institute)

Journalists call it "the Canadian angle."

When there's a big international event, crisis, or trend, reporters will often try to make the news relatable to Canadians, by finding a Canadian, any Canadian, with some connection to the story.

Robert Hiltz has had enough of it. He's a freelance writer, and a former scribe for a Canadian newswire service.

In this piece, he argues journalists should get over the "Canadian angle."


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