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Opinion: Don't get on your high horse about race relations in Canada, it's bad here too

After this week's events in the U.S, it's hard not to judge the state of race relations in that country. It might even lead you to think that being Black in Canada is much better. But journalist Desmond Cole says it's not. He says Canadians need to recognize race relations here are no better.

It's been a disturbingly familiar week of news from the US.Twice in a week, black men were shot dead by police.

In each case, the horrific scene was captured on video. And in response, people took to the streets in protest. Many under the banner "Black Lives Matter." And then in the midst of one of those protests in Dallas, there was a new eruption of violence. A gunman, believed to be working alone, opened fire on police monitoring the protest.

For many Canadians, it all might seem a world away, the problems of a troubled nations very different from our own.

But Toronto writer and activist Desmond Cole, Canada has nothing to be smug about when it comes to policing, race and prejudice in Canada.