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Media request for Ghomeshi complainant's bikini photo fuels media cynicism, says reporter

A group of Canadian media outlets wanted access to a photo one of Jian Ghomeshi's alleged victims sent him — a photo in which she is wearing a bikini. The judge disregarded the arguments that the public had a right to see the photo. Vice reporter Manisha Krishnan says that's good news.
In this artist's sketch, Jian Ghomeshi (left to right), Justice William Horkins, a witness and Ghomeshi's lawyer Marie Henein appear in court on the first day of the former CBC host's trial in Toronto, Monday, Feb.1, 2016. (Alexandra Newbould/CP)

Vice reporter Manisha Krishnan says it's good news the public won't see a photo of one of Jian Ghomeshi's alleged victims clad in a red bikini. 

Media outlets including the Toronto Star, Global, CTV, Postmedia and CBC had asked the judge to provide access to the photo, which the woman sent to Ghomeshi after the alleged assault. 

The lawyer representing those organizations argued that if the court saw the photo, the public should be allowed to as well. But the judge ruled it was not necessary, and that sharing it could harm the complainant. 

Krishnan applauds the decision.

She says what really matters to the public is the fact the complainant sent Ghomeshi two emails — one of which included the picture — after she had told police and the court she had no contact with him after the alleged attacks. 

Krishnan argues the story can be told without the photo and she says showing it could discourage sexual assault victims from coming forward — because they would worry that photos of theirs would be shared as well. 

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