Encore: A Fat Girl's Guide to Eating, by Christina Myers

Writer Christina Myers offers a satirical step-by-step guide to eating like a fat girl.
Christina Meyers is an award-winning journalist and travler. She also describes herself as fat. 0:45

If you were going to describe Christina Myers, you could do it in a number of ways. 

She is a hiker, a camper, a travel-junkie, an award-winning journalist, and a self-confessed optimistic, but hopeless, gardener. 

Christina Myers says she will be damned if her soon to be six-year-old daughter grows up under the weight of being monitored and monitoring herself, so she wrote the Fat Girl's Guide to Eating and Drinking. (provided by Christina Myers)

But Christina is also fat. And over the course of her life, more often than not, she says it's her weight that people have chosen to focus on. 

She wanted to share her experience of living fat with her soon to be six-year-old daughter, saying she will "be damned if she grows up under the weight of being monitored and monitoring herself."

This segment was produced by The 180's Manusha Janakiram and Digital Talk Content Producer Craig Desson. 


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