Let's build sports equipment right into the street

Toronto Star columnist Edward Keenan explains his idea of building sports equipment like hockey and basketball nets right into the roadway.
Canadians play street hockey in Dawson City. (Chris Windeyer/CBC)

In Toronto, you're not allowed to put a net in the street and play hockey.

Of late, some people have called for a reversal of this policy, citing road hockey's prominent spot in Canada's list of cultural traditions.

But to Toronto Star columnist Edward Keenan, simply permitting the use of hockey nets on the road isn't enough.

The installation of sports equipment on roadways should be mandatory. Hockey nets, basketball nets, free throw lines, hopscotch squares, the whole nine yards.

I offer this plan because I think it's good for cities, and it would make our roads more fun. And despite what officials might say, it would also make the streets safer. - Edward Keenan, Toronto Star columnist

In this audio essay Keenan makes the case for government mandated play equipment installed on Toronto's streets. Click PLAY now!