Americans love their Constitution. Do we?

The American Constitution is so revered it's used as a dramatic device in Hollywood movies, and many of us can cite it-- ever asked to "plead the 5th"? So why don't Canadians cling as strongly to our own Constitution? We investigate on this week's episode of The 180.

Have you ever used the term "I plead the fifth"? Are you familiar with the First Amendment? How about "We the People"?

Canadians consume a lot of American media, so knowledge of America's constitution can slip into our vocabulary. But to some experts, Canadians can learn a thing or two from the American reverence of their own founding document.

Adam Dodek is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa. He believes Americans are more aware of, and connected with, their own constitution than Canadians. 

In the US, people can quote chapter and verse of the Constitution in the same way people can quote chapter and verse of the Bible... and I don't think that Canadians can quote a particular provision of the constitution or the Charter.- Adam Dodek, University of Ottawa

On this episode, The 180's Matthew Lazin-Ryder looks at how often the U.S Constitution shows up in pop culture, and tests the idea that Canadians know more about the American document than the Canadian constitution. Click the blue button above, and listen for special appearances from Captain Kirk, Barney Fife, and Dave Chappelle.